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Something of a very minor personal tragedy...

The worst news of the day, alas, is that while I was on my way out the door this morning, my beloved Pelikan pen met an unkind fate. It's always had a tendency to slip out of its cap (the threads were a little loose) and as I was tucking it into my pocket it made a break for it and dashed itself upon the floor. And snapped clean in half across the barrel, just above the grip.

This is the pen I bought myself in celebration of my first novel sale, and it's been my preferred signing and drafting pen ever since. So any of you who have a signed book from me, unless I was caught shy of a pen and just grabbed a random ballpoint, it was quite possibly signed with this one.

Alas! I am sad all out of proportion to the death of a material object.

I have other pens. This is not a crisis.

But I liked this one best.


ETA: Yes, I do plan to send it to a repair place. However, I have seen a fair number of dead fountain pens in my life, and my suspicion is that this one has joined their ranks. It's a Pelikan 215, a piston and not a catridge pen, so there is no separable nib unit. When I say the barrel is broken, I mean the body of the pen, not a replaceable piece. So I would really appreciate it if everybody would stop advising me to just get it fixed, because it's upsetting.
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