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bear by san

March 2017



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I just heard about the terrorist attacks in Mumbai.

I have nothing to say.

And so I offer my silence.


We have friends who were scheduled to arrive at the Taj Mahal Hotel last night. According to their travel agency, there is no word that they have gotten out of Mumbai.
I very much hope you hear from them soon, and they are well.
They ignored instructions to stay in their room, worked their way through smoke filled hallways, flooded areas of the hotel, and locked stairwells to climb to the roof. From there they climbed down a fire escape. They left everything but their passports and her purse behind and are trying to get out of India. They promise amazing stories and even more amazing video and photographs.
I am so glad they are well.

And they did the right thing: in a crisis, abandon your luggage. It's less important than your life.
I hope you hear from them in short order. All reports from Mumbai are frightening.
Well, shit. I didn't even know about it until I saw your entry, had the TV off all day. )-: Just the idea that these lunatics attacked a hospital for women and infants leaves me cold, and is a terrible reminder of just how thin and fragile and malnourished a thing human civilization really is.

shsilver, I am keeping my fingers crossed for your friends and all the other innocents out there.
I woke up to it this morning, and have been obsessively reading up on it for most of the time since.
Your post is the first I've heard of it.
My God, that's awful. I have relatives in Maharashtra province (though not in Mumbai itself).