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got tired of crying. guess i'll move on alone.

Today, I am thankful for the cold New England morning in which I just took my run, and for the long sleeves of my bottom layer, which pulled down to cover my fingers until my blood warmed them. I'm thankful for mist and sunlight and striated bright clouds and the needle-patterned layer of ice over the pond, and the squirrels scattering before me with their enormous mouthfulls of leaves, for lining their winter nests with. I'm grateful for the ability to run, and a place I love to run in. I'm grateful for the way the world moves by around me when I'm outside putting miles under my feet.

I'm thankful for a job I love and colleagues and family and family-of-choice and friends, and for engaging things to do with the time I have going spare, and I'm grateful for time going spare.

I'm grateful for hot coffee and cake for breakfast. Also, for a comfortable and safe place to sleep, and (in general) a life with nobody hitting me or yelling at me. I'm grateful for tea.

I'm grateful for the Presumptous Cat, who is currently in the kitchen yowling for her breakfast while her monkey wastes time that could be spent on cats on the internet.

And I'm grateful for the hot shower I'm about to go take, to wash the chill out of my bones.

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