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"I told my HMO I got abducted by a serial killer, so they gave me free dental x-rays."

Mm. Fanservice. It's what's for dinner.

Criminal Minds 4x09, "Pickup" (or possibly "52 Pickup?"), written by Breen Frazier, directed by Bobby Roth

"He's making them clean up their own murder." Morgan realizes the awful troof! And Hotch says what Todd already knows.

Harlan Ellison quote. And Reid extemporizing on Don Juan.

"Prentiss is right." But you still have to work with Dave anyway.

Garcia is love. "Nasty stuff follows money."

Todd scrambling to prove herself. And screwing up. Sure, there you go. Still I think she proved herself JJ's fitting heir with that whopper. Hotch, alas, and his ethics. Of course, he's been known to lie a little himself...

I also love Morgan finding a way to explain Hotch's ethical compass to Todd. As long as you're in Mom's house, you will live by Mom's rules.

Heterochromia! Okay, it's pretty obvious everybody assumes it's contact lenses. but still.

There's a classic CM setup with the family of the victims.

Aww, Reid fetches coffee for Morgan.

"You're talking about a total transformation here." says Morgan, who did that to himself when he was in his teens. mwahahaha.


"What's a pickup? It's basically a profile."

"Sunglasses." Reid figures it out.

"Please be aware that thirty minutes with photoshop does not allow for much artistic flourish."

"A birthmark or a scar." Thanks, Dave, for putting that into context for us. ;-)

"Are you ready to meet Viper?"

"If you are smarter and more interesting, you will be a better predator."

I am deeply amused that yet another unsavory insecure male piles into Morgan like a ton of bricks. Oh, he brings it out in them. There is, of course, an amusing conversation going on here in the subtext with Viper's creepiness and how close it edges up on some of Morgan's tactics for meeting cute. (As seen earlier this season, and expained to Reid.)

"You gotta have game." It's all a continuum, isn't it?

"Please. Tell me we are not giving up on that guy."

Aww. Garcia is wearing major nerd glasses.
"Does this guy stuff actually work on real breathing girls?"
"Why are you asking me?"
Garcia and Hotch flirting, still love.

"Bestill my bespeckled heart."

My show does not believe in victimless crime. And it still believes that hookers are people too. The actress playing the waitress/former prostitute here is really very good. 

"In which case you do it and you steal their wallet."

Reid pwns Todd. thus proving again that is he wanted to be a serial killer when he grew up, he'd be unstoppable.

"Not a chance, kid. I need a wingman."

"To study his style up close and personal, it's going to take somebody that he's already attracted to." Oh, Morgan and Reid are enjoying that a little too much. Evil kid brothers.

"Oh. Oh, this is really gonna suck."

"I've actually dated people worse than Viper."

Prentiss to the rescue with Hotch and Todd.
"Prentiss, you seem to do okay."
Oh, and her laugh. Oh. Hotch, sweetie, you have no idea what she went through to win your trust, do you? Re, her comment in Revelations about him trusting women less than men. Which I still think may be a clue of some kind, about both characters.

And I love that she can now take Hotch to task and explain to him, without him getting defensive, what's going on. She's gotten better at confronting people since the Unfortunate Incidents with Reid, and Hotch (unlike Reid) can take criticism.

Even if he is brittle like a brittle thing these days.

"I gave the profile to one woman, she asked if I was the UNSUB."

"How many phone numbers did you get?"

Reid does magic. Drink!
"That's called game." Oh, yes it is. Reid gets the girl!

"Because it's a game. One I'm good at."
I love Prentiss playing with her hair. And totally playing Viper.

"Who gets pushed and who gets pulled tonight?"

"Is this the one where if you stare at it long enough, you get the image of teh swan."

Hotch, if Rossi has to explain something that basic to you, you need a vacation. "I guess chemically we're not a match."
"Only because you have someone else on the mind." And she steps back and ducks her chin. He scored.
"No, Paul. I'm baffled."

"Oh, you're on Facebook?"
"You should friend me!"
(By the way? She is. And so is Jordan Todd. And Reid, and Penelope. Okay, it could be fan activity. But I LOVE MY SHOW.)

"The alpha female."
"You find them and squash them."
Jordan and Emily crack the case!

Oh, Vanessa's mom. 0.0
Rossi and Hotch crack the case!

Austin the bartender is kind of made of win. Reid is trading up flirtations. This one's smart and resourceful and capable of heroic action on behalf of another. Definitely more worthy of one of our people than Lila the not-a-werewolf. Not Austin's fault she didn't know messes were a trigger.

Aww. Jordan and Emily in the locker room.
"I'm ready to play the player."
Chicks rule.

There was an awful moment here when I first watched where I thought he had already disemboweled her. But it's just a red floor, I think.

Morgan tackles, Reid gets to be the rescuing knight again. And we find out what made the monster.

"I trust your judgment."

And Austin? Also has game. Totally awesome.

Another win for the team. This can't go on....

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