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bear by san

March 2017



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the cat's bowl must be empty, because she loves me.

I am trying to find the energy to go eat dinner after five walls tonight. I think my serotonin levels actually have an effect on my physical competence, because after having such a good adventuresome night on Wednesday, at first today I could barely even get on a 5.7 I've done multiple times. So I did a 5.5, and a new unrated route I think is about a 5.6, and then I came back and did the route I hadn't been able to send before. I'm still working on figuring out how to do it elegantly, mind you. Someday maybe I will.

Then I did a 5.7- and a 5.5 I've also done multiple times, but I was kind of pumped from flailing, so I didn't do a good job on either.

Monday, if I am strong, I will try the 5.9 again, and maybe my two project walls.

The Jeff and Alisa are taking me caving tomorrow, which I greet with some dread. 0.0 But we will see how it goes. New experiences, right?

And now I need to eat something.

Have some links: there's a podcast interview with me up at the Agony Column, and my formal review of Criminal Minds 4x09 is up at Tor.com.


zomgcaving! Have a lovely, lovely time!
Slogging through waist-deep water in a fifty-degree hole in the ground?

Yeah, I'm expecting to *love* this.
Ah. Majesty of Nature's Wonder for $500, Alex?
Hee. Something like that.

I dunno. Maybe I'll surprise myself and love it.
If you don't find the energy now, the meatware will inspire it later. :) Have fun caving!
Anywhere there are caves. New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, etc.

I would not recommend trying it without a experienced guide.


As someone who hates to be in the dark, and in small spaces, and possibly cold and muddy to boot, caving is still surprisingly fun. Just tell the brain to shut up and let the body and the eyeballs have some fun. I get claustrophobic thinking about scuba diving!!! and yet I'd go caving again.

go figure. I just figured out how wacked *my* brain is. o.0
Hi. I saw you comment on a journal, and you mentioned committed relationships that are not sexual...and I'm IN one of those, and you just mentioned it like it was no big deal, and I was like "Who is this person, and how do I get to know her better???" Most all of my friends just don't *get* my relationship, and they belittle and poke at it, and to find someone who just gets it is SO cool!

So yeah...friending you!
Hi! Nice to meet you.

I write books and fangirl TV shows and pine after dogs, currently, and talk about my hobbies. *g* I'm on a friending moratorium currently, as I am trying to limit my internet timesinks, but this is a totally public blog and I really welcome your presence.
(Also, I am sorry your friends are not more understanding. It seems to me that any relationship that improves the lives of the people in it is a positive thing, and trying to make it fit whatever neat social categories we are socially programmed to except makes us small. But that may be my anth training talking.)
I bet you're the sort of friend who tells people horrible root canal stories before they go in for oral surgery.
There's something very exhilarating about emerging from the depths an old lead mine (which in winter feels relatively warm), soaking wet to the waist and finding oneself out in bright sunshine with snow on the ground. :)
I used to work with a semi professional caver, Luray Adams, He was on the Flint = Mammoth cave expedition. 'The Longest Cave" i think was the name of the book.

Two things i learned from him. A) Little people make better cavers, B)His idea of cave wear was several pair of old wool suit pants from Goodwill. They are fairly light weight, dont snag, and stay warm even when soaked with water. When the knees go out, you remove that pair, and stash them in your pack and truck on.

I think Britmandelo, above is an accurate reporter.. Adams pretty much talked me out of going caving as an adventure, but our recent trip to the Luray Caverns tourist cave was wonderful.

The best part of knowing Adams was he finally showed me a topo map of Bristol TN, with cryptic markings "Unexplored" "Unknown" and "Goes"

GAve me a bit of a thrill, don't you know.
*curls up and whimpers with horror at the mere thought of caving*

Bravery is relative, y'know ...

(One of my sisters has a lot of friends who go caving; it does seem to be something that many otherwise-sane people find they love.)
Urgh! Caving! Though I'm claustrophobic, I find old mines fascinating, but they were made by people for people and my great grandfather was a coal miner, so I'm OK with mines (even though after being left abandoned for 100 years they can be highly dangerous). But caves...! They were made by water which can alter its shape and squeeze through tiny twisty passages never meant for humans. Caves give me the heebie-jeebies.

My husband, on the other hand, was a keen caver in his youth, so I know that some people love caving.

I hope you enjoy it. For values of "enjoy" that include wading through icy water and squeezing through tiny spaces. :)
It's only in dead tree form at the moment...but thought you should know Faren Miller reviews All the Windwracked Stars in the December Locus.
Shocking, that such a thing would happen.
I think my serotonin levels actually have an effect on my physical competence,

Serotonin not only does a lot of stuff in a lot of different parts of the body, it also regulates the levels of many other neurotransmitters. The Wikipedia entry is actually pretty good if you're interested.