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the cat's bowl must be empty, because she loves me.

I am trying to find the energy to go eat dinner after five walls tonight. I think my serotonin levels actually have an effect on my physical competence, because after having such a good adventuresome night on Wednesday, at first today I could barely even get on a 5.7 I've done multiple times. So I did a 5.5, and a new unrated route I think is about a 5.6, and then I came back and did the route I hadn't been able to send before. I'm still working on figuring out how to do it elegantly, mind you. Someday maybe I will.

Then I did a 5.7- and a 5.5 I've also done multiple times, but I was kind of pumped from flailing, so I didn't do a good job on either.

Monday, if I am strong, I will try the 5.9 again, and maybe my two project walls.

The Jeff and Alisa are taking me caving tomorrow, which I greet with some dread. 0.0 But we will see how it goes. New experiences, right?

And now I need to eat something.

Have some links: there's a podcast interview with me up at the Agony Column, and my formal review of Criminal Minds 4x09 is up at
Tags: ass from a hole in the ground, falling off perfectly good rocks, geeks with guns

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