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bear by san

March 2017



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twain & tesla

the ice is thin come on dive in

So today is turning out to be a day devoted to cleaning up my apartment, which desperately needs it. How do one girl and one cat generate so much filth?

It's raw outside and chilly in here, so it's also a day for listening to winter music, and maybe later for reading a book. Gosh, where DO these PILES of STUFF come from?


Evil brownies?
Stuff multiplies when you're not looking. I have found this to be true every time I've moved. My first major move (Arizona to Tennessee), I swear I emptied the same bookshelf three separate times.
Well, I have done some shoveling. And yeah, people MAIL ME STUFF. And then it sits in piles. I guess it's the job.
It's insulation. That's what I tell myself.
Its the cat, really. If I get things somewhat reorganized and stacked to be dealt with, the Damn Cat pushes it over. Then looks very surprised.
*agrees about the cat*

Not only does the one like to flop on piles of paper, the two of them knock stuff over all the time while chasing each other through the house.
Its not MEEE, it the Other Cat!!
Heh. At least your cat has the good grace to look surprised. Mine pushes stuff over (and off the tops of various things) and glares defiantly. "Well, if you wouldn't stack this crap on top of the desk where I might decide to lie down, then I wouldn't have to shove it all off onto the floor like that."
I think its because he is older and a bit senile that things are surprizing to him, when he was younger he was more indigent when things happened. Some days he is laying on the bed, and I watch him push the books over the side if he is bored. Just because he can.
Gosh, where DO these PILES of STUFF come from?

Pftt. That's easy -- the Stuff Fairy. Bastard child of Spam and the "must-have" Beast.
Paper breeds more paper. It calls paper to itself, which is why people are compelled to send you stuff. Also, it's the cat. Our apartment was really quite neat and tidy before we had cats. Things have gone downhill ever since.