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the monkey. and the plywood violin.

I think I can't eat girl scout cookies anymore. An unfortunate side effect of making my own bread and so forth: a lot of packaged food now tastes like seriously Not Food. (The bread at most chain restaurants, also now inedible.) Anyway, I can taste the girl scouts preservatives in these. Sad but true.

Today, only four walls, all of which I've done before, all of which I did better tonight. The big reachy yellow 5.7 with the move I have to dyno and the other move I have to smear, the new unrated white one, the tricky green unrated one on the slab with the hand/foot match, and a 5.5 that has a random, like, 5.7 move right at the top for no apparent reason. I felt really good, strong and--once the endorphins started flowing--confident. I did not work on either of my project walls because I was feeling a little scaredy-cat after Saturday's adventures and both of my current projects have a Major Psychological Aspect, but I tried the black 5.8 in the corner but couldn't get on it because the first move is a crimpy little side pull and one joint in my ring finger on my right hand has been bothering me a lot, even if I tape the heck out of it.

Anyway, today I taped the heck out of it, and I stayed on routes with mostly big buckety holds, which helped. It still hurt rather a lot at times, but it wasn't unsupportable. I would like it to fix itself soon, though, because I want to keep working on 5.8s, and that is hard when your finger screams at you constantly.

Ah well. at least my toes are feeling better.

So old and broken. :-(
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks
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