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the bad news is the world is ending. the good news is there's a party but you better get here quick.

I climbed, and did not die. That said, I climbed very lightly--a V0 so easy I was pretty sure I was at the wrong gym, some traversing, and then I went up and down the slab twice without worrying too much about what route I was on.

Of course, my reward for virtue is... now my shoulder hurts. Which has nothing to do with climbing. It's an old injury aggravated by working at my desk instead of on the laptop. Seriously, meat. Is there anything about you that is not broken?

Then I cam home and ate pork chops. Mmm. Pork chops.

Here is a review of All the Windwracked Stars at, and here is a really, really spoilery one at Green Man Review.
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks, reviews
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