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einstein reminds me of my dog.

If you happen to be a Jane Siberry fan, or if you just like the music of smart, creepy-sounding women with fantastic voices (think, oh, Neko Case, Hannah Fury, that sort of thing), you might be interested to know that the former Ms. Siberry is now producing music under the name Issa, and her first CD, Dragon Dreams, is available here. (If her name doesn't ring a bell, you may recall her either as the artist who sang the closing credits song for the first Crow movie, or as the artist who generously allowed us to use her song "Half Angel, Half Eagle," as the Shadow Unit theme.

She's using a pretty interesting distribution model, with sliding-scale pricing, and she's throwing in a free second copy of the CD for you to give away to a friend or worthy cause with each order.

Nifty stuff.
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