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bear by san

March 2017



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always winter

wake up stop dreaming


Baby, it's cold outside.

Other than baking cookies and going for a run, today is turning out to be a totally wasted day. And I'm kind of okay with that.


That is so cute! I think you should go snuggle presumptuous cat *g* Cold here too (Bristol, UK)!
That sunflower looked for a moment like a rather unfortunate stain.
"I am the evil that lurks under the duvet?"
That looks similar to my Cat of Evil.
Presumptuous Cat is really quite beautiful. Goodness.
Green-eyed cat content of such evocative tenor makes it a good day, I say.
This reminds me of a cat at the boarding place where I work... he'll scoot under his bed, then stand up and walk around with a big blue cushion on his back. Like a super cape. And be quite pleased with himself. :D
I am so glad that sunflower isn't something else.

He sure is pretty...
Nothing says "scheming conquest" like an undercover cat.
The Presumptious Cat is a beautiful shade of grey, and she has lovely eyes.
Can I ask how you deal with sucking cold air as you jog?

I'm doing okay on my bike right now but it's not SERIOUSLY cold, yet. I'm a wheezer in cold temps. Any pointers?
Doesn't bother me?

I guess you could go for a face mask.
If you figure it out, let me know. For me it's a symptom of my asthma and the meds help, but not enough for actual running.
Bear's suggestion has worked so far (I wear a balaclava over my mouth when I bike), but it's getting colder and colder and soon I probably will be in some trouble.

I've had friends suggest a neoprene mask -- the thought is a little claustrophobic, honestly, but I will probably try one.