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bear by san

December 2021



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bad girls helen mirren

we belong to the sound of the words we've both fallen under

I swear I fed this meat just a couple of hours ago.

I wrote a little over 2100 new words on The Sea thy Mistress, got through the first 24 pages on revision (It is, in fact, better than I remembered, but apparently when I was writing this I had not yet learned to narrate things, or lead the reader into a scene. And I also had not learned to consider the logical repercussions of things like setting. The draft is from 2002, what do you want from me?)

Okay, so I added like ten pages, and I cut like four--there's a past-time thread that is now handled in All the Windwracked Stars, so it's got to come out of this book--and, you know, I'll just make it up in sex scenes or something.


"Just make it up in sex scenes or something?" Girl, you really know how to make us suffer, don't you?
Oh, you didn't know about that?
You could always get some press by throwing in a sex scene that follows a gay marriage.
I take it you haven't read a lot of my stuff.
Oh, yeah, I knew, all right. I just don't necessarily expect you to remind us so blatantly. You're usually sneakier about it.

whatever we deny or embrace for worse or for better

Are you supposed to be making the book smaller, or just better?

Better I'm sure you can do. Smaller appears to be problematic.

Re: whatever we deny or embrace for worse or for better

Why would I want to make it smaller?

Re: whatever we deny or embrace for worse or for better

No idea. I must be thinking about an optional later part of the process, where an editor type sends back the book and says "it's great, but get it down to X thousand words."

Re: whatever we deny or embrace for worse or for better

That only happens if you go over your word limit.
Virulent earworm. Virulent.

And of course when I sing this to myself, I try to make all of the Big Impressive Noises, so I sound like an elderly Labrador retriever drinking a peanut-butter root-beer float.

Not good.
...wow. That's a visual.
The Sea Thy Mistress is a... (guessing) sequel? to All the Windwracked Stars? (<-- hasn't been paying attention for long enough)
You just used Pat Benatar lyrics as a post title. You are
*clearly* some kind of Mary Sue self-insert.

(Wait - if you're a self-insert and you're an author, does that mean...?)
...there's something wrong with Pat Benatar?
You mean aside from the fact that I own all her albums except *Inamorata*?
(Even *True Love*, which I've listened to exactly once in however many
years since it came out.)