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being positive's so unhip

So today there was some wall-crawling. A route on the slab I've done a few times, a new route on the slab that was hard (HARD!) as in, there were points when I was jamming my fingertips into bolt holes for some kind of purchase, I constructed myself a rainbow route in the corner that probably amounted to an easy 5.7, and I did a 5.7- pretty well. I need more practice in the corner. Also, the finger is hanging in there. Yay finger! More tape.

I did okay on revisions, today. I cut about ten thousand words, thus completely eradicating the plotline that needed to go. And I added about a thousand, all of it fussy interlineations and careful expansion and fiddling. Which is what we have to do again tomorrow. Also, I am about to find myself in the portion of the book that needs structural work, as for example I am going to have to find grown-up and craftsmanlike ways of handing the background information that was getting dumped in with a shovel in the parts I just removed.

Like you do.

If it was easy, it would not be fun.

My obligations have expanded to eat my life. Wow. December.

Hopefully there will be some kind of writeup of this week's Criminal Minds episode, but right now it's looking like maybe Sunday. Jeepers. Short form? Predictable but solid.
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