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bear by san

March 2017



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writing carnival

the rainy season comes to pass. the day-glo pirate sinks at last.

Some cheerful news from the realms of overseas! I am informed that the Japanese editions of the Jenny Casey books are now available or will be very shortly, though I am at a loss as to how you might obtain them. Your local Japanese-language bookstore, I should guess. Additionally, I've just made arrangements with the fine Czech magazine Ikarie for translations of "Tideline," "Wax," and "Wane" to appear next year. Also, "Tideline" will be appearing in Italian translation in the appropriately named magazine Robot in February.



I don't read Japanese, but I've had good luck ordering CDs from amazon's Japanese affiliate, and they do have your books listed:


(Note that if you go to the amazon.co.jp homepage there's a link in the upper right to switch to English, after which all the navigation elements will be translated).

You rock. Thank you.
Yay! Ikarie!
Bear, I'm just starting Scardown after burning feverishly through Hammered. Taking Worldwired on vacation with me, as I expecty to have the trilogy finised by the time I hit Colorado.

This is DAMN FINE bookage, Bear. And I'm a picky one when it comes to my cyberpunk and near-future scifi. Kudos to you!
Thank you!

Tideline in Robot

That's great news! I will tell all my Italian friends they should pick it up.


PS: BTW, did you hear my narration of Tideline on StarShipSofa? Hope you liked it.

Re: Tideline in Robot

for some reason, I can never get several of the UK SFF websites to load, and StarShipSofa is one of them. So I haven't heard it, I'm afraid.

But I am still grateful for the narration. *g*

Re: Tideline in Robot

You can subscribe via iTunes. You'd have to search a bit for Tideline, it's Aural Delights No. 39. If that is too much trouble, I'd be glad to send you the mp3 file. Just contact me via divadiane at web dot de.

For anyone that wants to hear Elizabeth's story Tideline the website URL is: http://www.starshipsofa.com as stated above - Aural Delights episode #39. There's another Bear story there too "And the Deep Blue Sea" - but I don't know what number it is.

Re: Tideline in Robot

I don't allow itunes on my computers, after several bad experiences with that abomination of a computer program, but for those as do, thank you!


Re: Tideline in Robot

Oh, and are you aware that Tideline has been short-listed for the first Annual Sofanauts Awards? Anyone can vote, just go here: http://www.micropoll.com/akira/TakeSurvey

Re: Tideline in Robot

Thanks for letting me know.