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i said, "ma'am, i am tonight."

This morning, when I overslept by two hours, the plane movie in my head was showing....

[08:58] jmeadows: you said you don't dream much, didn't you?
[08:59] matociquala: I don't remember them hardly ever.
[08:59] jmeadows: *nod*
[08:59] matociquala: But I have been more lately, I think because I am sleeping longer
[08:59] matociquala: I dreamed I was driving to Providence, but instead of the regular causeway over the swampy bits of eastern Connecticut, there was a log bridge like a boardwalk
[08:59] matociquala: And because of all the rain it was starting to go underwater.
[08:59] jmeadows: yeep
[09:00] matociquala: But I got across it, though I decided I would take the long way home, through Massachusetts.
[09:00] matociquala: And when I got to Providence, there was somebody else with me--there hadn't been before--
[09:01] matociquala: and we spotted tanaise and somebody--who I thought was buymeaclue but couldn't be because she was tall and had black hair in a bun--on a street corner.
[09:01] matociquala: So we picked them up, because we had time to kill, and went out for Ethiopian food.
[09:01] jmeadows: hehe
[09:02] matociquala: Except we got kidnapped by terrorists or maybe american interrogators who thought we were terrorists
[09:02] matociquala: and they drugged me with thiopental sodium and were trying to make me talk, except it mostly just made me stupid and heavy, like it does.
[09:02] matociquala: And I was scared, of course.
[09:02] jmeadows: *nod*
[09:03] matociquala: The interrogator was very nice, and he was explaining what the drug did, and that they'd give me an antibiotic so I didn't get an infection, because their facility wasn't sterile. *g*
[09:03] jmeadows: *dies*
[09:03] matociquala: And it's been... must be nineteen years since I had general anaesthesia...
[09:04] matociquala: but my body apparently remembers what pentothal(TM) is like, because it was just right.
[09:04] matociquala: and then I woke up.
[09:04] matociquala: I think I need to blog this as an example of why dream sequences in fiction are almost always wrong. *g*
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