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bear by san

March 2017



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i was a willow last night in a dream

The internet, where you can get thumped in five separate Scrabble games simultaneously, in slow motion.

I should eat the leftover goat cheese pizza I made last night to have for Movie Nite for breakfast. I also made saffron bread to take to evynrude's place today, and I need to check on the herbed sourdough that was rising verrrrrryyy slowly when I went to bed last night. I haven't looked in the kitchen yet: it could have eaten the table by now....

Nope. Herbed sourdough, still not rising much. I'm going to have to knead some yeast into it tonight, I suspect. Leftover pizza, however? Win. I think today rates coffee. With hot milk and chocolate.

ashacat and I have joined a new gym (I have been forced to admit that we have reached the portion of the year when the weather will intermittently be way too bad for running outside), which has a hot tub. I foresee a renewed commitment to fitness. However, this means we were doing lighthouse lunges again, for the first time in about a year, and my butt would like to register a protest. We also did some assisted pullups and played a little half-court basketball, which latter proved to me that despite the climbing and the running, my cardio fitness could still be better.

One of the nice things about being a writer is I get to set my own weekends. I probably take less than most people would, but yesterday was a weekend. I didn't get any writing done. I suspect Monday may be a weekend too, as the day is looking pretty packed. Though I may be able to squeeze in a couple of hours in a B&N cafe between errands. Today's work will have to happen either in the next two hours or fairly late.

Which means I need to get in the shower and get my day started, though for some reason it's currently especially hard.


I wish I lived there. I now WANT the saffron bread and the herbed sourdough. MMMMMMM.

Instead, to briefing! I need to turn a 40 page brief into a 20 page brief without cutting any arguments. Pfft.
What in the world is a lighthouse lunge?

At least when I actually do it, I find bicycling keeps my cardio at a comfortable minimum. I need to do it 2-3 times a week, though. I was baaaad about it this summer.
Indoor biking is next to useless for me. I hate it, it hurts, and it never feels like much of a workout. (If I were to go to spin classes, that might be different. And I might try that.)

I run: that gives me a basic level of fitness.

But basketball is hard. *g*

Lighthouse lunges are lunges modified with weights and upper body motions.

Edited at 2008-12-13 02:52 pm (UTC)
I'm trying to figure out the best way for me to improve and keep fit cardio-wise that also impacts my breathing a bit less and can be done on bad days. I was thinking a bike might be just the ticket: I could "jog" (such as I do) on good days and bike on bad ones. Something about the rhythm and impact of speed-walking, jogging and running really messes with the asthma at an early stage.

I guess I could just go over to the gym and try a bunch of things out.
Well, lots of people love biking. I like outdoor biking, for fun and transportation rather than fitness, but peddling away on a stationary bike makes me want to kill myself.

Elliptical or ski machine?
I know Rockgod likes the elliptical. I've never tried one.

I also need things that pace for me--that's why I "run" on a treadmill and not outside. I go too fast and crap out with exploding lungs after like a block.

I have to get back to it as soon as this dumb brief is done, though, bc my meat puppet is p.o.'d and thus going on strike in all sorts of inconvenient ways. Pfft.
I like my elliptical (I bought it used at Sears for like $300; it's kinda huge, but it's cheaper than gym memberships that I'd never use). It doesn't set a pace for you, but mine has a program where it changes the resistance and the target pace, so you try to keep the meter in the target zone.

I tried a treadmill and tripped over my own feet. Couldn't get the coordination together.
I don't care for stationary biking either. Which is why I hit the roads in the summer.. that at least is fun. Especially when I can get people to go with me. I kick my own ass so much better out on the roads.

Ah! Modified lunges. Got it.
I am never a willow in my dreams. I am always a birch or a fir or an alder.
I suspect if I actually dreamed myself a tree, I would be an oak. But I'm not sure of that.

I might also be a crab apple. The European kind, with thorns.
I like those crab apples. We had one when I was small. Also mountain ash, but that was my dad's tree (well, for yah: ask is a man tree), and sugar maple, but that was my mom's.

Mostly it is the fir branches, though, with the snow on. Even in August.
Bent down like the letter. Yeah.

Oooh. Where do you play Scrabble online? I'm still annoyed that Scrabulous got takedowned.
You can play it on Facebook, Yahoo, and some other places.
Aw, darn -- I was hoping that somebody had managed to sneak an exact clone past Mattel/Hasbro's lawyers. (Scrabulous was the only one that used the same point values and board layout as the actual Scrabble board -- I enjoy playing the other variants, but it's nice to be able to compare online scores to real-world/tournament play scores.)

Oh well! Thank you for the answer. :)
Those are licensed Scrabble versions, AFAIK--the actual Hasbro game.
Hm. Last time I checked, they weren't, but I'll check again. It's possible I just haven't been paying enough attention to the state of online Scrabble. :)

Thanks again!
Don't blame me. You thumped me good the last two times we played each other. :)
I don't blame anything except my own suckitude. *g*
It is way too easy to cheat at online Scrabble. I only play the computer.
I joined Bally's once. I went about three times and paid for like a year. :rolleyes: @ myself. If I ever do a gym again, which is not likely, it will be one with no commitments.

I really like walking on the treadmill. I have one at home; I don't get on it nearly often enough, but time is limited and exercise is currently too low on my list of priorities. I hated the elliptical thing at the gym the one or two times I tried it. That thing is clearly a descendant of a medieval torture device.

My wife and I both love Scrabble. How's this for weird: We play Facebook Scrabble (pretty much every night) while sitting in our living room together, on our respective laptops.
My wife and I both love Scrabble. How's this for weird: We play Facebook Scrabble (pretty much every night) while sitting in our living room together, on our respective laptops.

Sounds like a perfect marriage to me.

Geek love is a wonderul thing. :)