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me i was raised in the trickle-down days, woke up numb in the haze, saw my future in a machine...

Someday, I will write the entire book in the first five or six drafts. That book is not this book: in the first fifty pages alone of this one, I have found four complete scenes that I need to add, and four or five that I needed to expand by about fifty percent. Back in 2002, when I originally wrote this book (though the draft I am working on was not that draft) I was not so hot at things like linearity, or leading the reader through what happened. So what I have here is kind of pointillist and jittery, little glimpses of characters doing things. Even more so than the Jenny books.

That whole second draft = first draft - 15% never did work very well for me. Considering that my first drafts are undeniably sparse even now, when I have learned to write much more of the narrative on the first try, that's not surprising, I guess.

The actual prose is better than I remembered, though. It's not the way I write now, exactly, and I'm doing some smoothing out, but there are whole pages I'm not having to brutalize. Also, when I get into the part of the book that's not scattered out over sixteen years of slow build, there will be fewer interlineations I need to do.

It's definitely a scrappy bit of insight into the way my brain works, though.

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