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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds fate

Okay, so today was something of a busy day. Get up, work like a fiend for a couple of hours, out of the house by 10:15 for 11 am appointment with personal trainer that comes free with new gym membership. (This was a strength and fitness assessment.) I learned that I can leg press 400 pounds for fifteen reps and chest press 85 pounds ten reps, and run a mile in 12 minutes if I do not have to run a second mile afterwards. Also, we talked about strategies for smallifying the amount of me that I have to haul up giant walls. I'm currently constrained to eat at least 2000 calories a day, of which none may be refined carbohydrates. This should be an interesting challenge. (Fortunately, I can have all the unrefined carbs I want.) I like personal trainer guy very much. He's sensible, and not into faddy things.

Then I went to visit ashacat and play alloparent for a few hours so she could do things she needed both hands for, and then she and I took Sunil for a walk and met neighbor dogs, and then we went climbing. I climbed like crap, which is not surprising as I am still babying my finger, but I did a 5.7 and climbed and downclimbed on the slab, and fell off an overhang and a roof. (the latter of which I've done before.)

I hate overhangs.

And so to bed. Tomorrow I must get up and keep working on this silly revision, on which I am currently on page 124.

256.7 miles to Rauros. I'm not sure I like the things Boromir is muttering in his sleep.


Doesn't sound like "poor physical capability" to me! Sounds like a strong woman. (Don't know if I could run a mile in 12 minutes. I'm quite sure I couldn't manage to run another mile after it no matter *what* speed the first one was. Given the 11.5km rowed this morning, I can live with that.)
I can't run a mile. I tried when I was 16 (at 98 lbs) and I still couldn't. I can sprint, however, especially in an emergency.
I've only ever done it once, when they forced us in late junior high or early high school. I was strong and flexible from gymnastics at the time, but endurance doesn't come easily to me. Now I have lots more endurance (painfully developed!) but it doesn't really seem to transfer between sports all that well.
Well, I can run faster than you, but you can press more than I can. This will probably surprise nobody who has met us both. *grin* Did the trainer ask for fail-point, or was it a 15-rep test?

Everybody can run faster than me. It's not much of an accomplishment, I'm afraid.

We were trying to figure out my single max rep, but it was heavy enough that he decided he'd rather do it by math than risk me doing myself an injury trying to leg press five hundred pounds.
Oh, trust me, there are otherwise-in-shape people to whom a 12 minute mile would be, well, 'difficult' is a kind word. You, of course, are an overachieving Bear and will snort at any reassurances.

(when I was doing the Corporate Challenge I had a 6 minute mile and was about mid-pack for my team. Long-ago days, those.)
*g* It's a rule. I'm proud of a 12-minute mile, for me. I also know that in real world terms, it sucks.
I cannot do a 12 minute mile. Currently, I can do a fifteen minute mile if I don't have to do another and if someone can pour water on me and hand me my inhaler when I'm done. As I usually do two, I average out at about 16.5. As you can see, "run" is not really what I do to a mile. I mostly walk it, and then jog for parts.

If I walk daily, after about four weeks I can get up to a fifteen for 2.5. That always makes me feel MIGHTY!

I think you're very strong and fit and I have great admiration for your tenacity when it comes to fitness.
It's taken me almost a year to get here. *sigh*

I wish my meat were a little more cooperative....
Unrefined things would be stuff like ... potatoes, and whole wheat berries cooked like rice?

Just trying to visualize.
whole grains, potatoes, yams, &c.