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Okay, so today was something of a busy day. Get up, work like a fiend for a couple of hours, out of the house by 10:15 for 11 am appointment with personal trainer that comes free with new gym membership. (This was a strength and fitness assessment.) I learned that I can leg press 400 pounds for fifteen reps and chest press 85 pounds ten reps, and run a mile in 12 minutes if I do not have to run a second mile afterwards. Also, we talked about strategies for smallifying the amount of me that I have to haul up giant walls. I'm currently constrained to eat at least 2000 calories a day, of which none may be refined carbohydrates. This should be an interesting challenge. (Fortunately, I can have all the unrefined carbs I want.) I like personal trainer guy very much. He's sensible, and not into faddy things.

Then I went to visit ashacat and play alloparent for a few hours so she could do things she needed both hands for, and then she and I took Sunil for a walk and met neighbor dogs, and then we went climbing. I climbed like crap, which is not surprising as I am still babying my finger, but I did a 5.7 and climbed and downclimbed on the slab, and fell off an overhang and a roof. (the latter of which I've done before.)

I hate overhangs.

And so to bed. Tomorrow I must get up and keep working on this silly revision, on which I am currently on page 124.

256.7 miles to Rauros. I'm not sure I like the things Boromir is muttering in his sleep.
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks, project: less-of-me, walking to mordor bakson
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