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bear by san

March 2017



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david bowie realism _ truepenny

tidings of comfort and joy

Okay, I finally get it.

I realized at the gym on Friday, with CNN running on the big screen TVs that hang everywhere there, that I get a great sense of comfort and safety from watching the Obamas on TV. It wasn't just a lack of the sense of fear and loathing I'm used to: it was actual pleasure.

...so that's what the emotional response to having a leader who you identify as like you is. Huh.

Now I understand the people who still defend Reagan. 0.o


I had serious issues with Reagan, big whopping issues, but I got why people liked him. I interviewed his daughter, during the time she wasn't getting along with him at all, and it was clear to see just how much she admired him. We talked about how likable he was. He made people he came around feel good.
I never understood what people was in Bush. I have some respect for Bush senior but W? Good God, no.
Yeah, it's nice to have someone in the White House who I can identify with, it's very nice, indeed.
To quote my 9 yr old niece, "Barack Obama is so coooooooool."

Not just identify with...but people actually think he's cool.

I have a cool president.
He shoots hoops. And has a pac-man sticker on his macbook.

I mean really.

"One of us! One of us!"

Gabba gabba, we accept you!
*fires up iTunes and plays...you know which music!*
And makes "all your base" jokes. And greeted Leonard Nimoy with a Vulcan salute. And put http://www.change.gov under a Creative Commons license ...
He set up http://www.change.gov *in the first place*.
Sorry, I'm checking my friends' friendslists while I'm waiting for my hot water to return, so --

-- he put change.gov under a CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE?!

That is so. freaking. awesome. Oh my god. I can't even tell you how much, but you already know. I'm a baby archivist, and I've had to learn some stuff about copyright (oh god), and him putting CC on a government website is... oh man. oh man.

Check it out! CC Attribution 3.0!


Thanks for the link!! :D That has seriously made my day.
My president is like me.

You really have to stop putting my inchoate thoughts into words like that. Or...no, keep doing it. :-)
I get a great sense of pleasure out of feeling that we're getting a President who's competent and not ideologically driven. (The articles keep saying that he's "pragmatic", and listens to other people!) He is deliberately setting up his team to avoid groupthink and the ideological silo of the current administration.

I am personally so happy to have a President I'm not afraid of!
I have just realized that I *still* get that positive emotional response, reading about other people seeing Obama.
In this, you are not alone.
Just last night I was watching a PBS thing that covered the rise of John F. Kennedy, and thought again...Well, deja vu.
My mother, who is 75, told me the other day that this all so very much reminds her of JFK.

Please all the gods of the universe, let this story have a happier ending...
Strangely enough (or maybe not), I had the same thought when the similarities occurred to me.
Amen to that.
My dad's vibe was to Bobby Kennedy, actually. He was wary of JFK, thought Bobby would have made a much better president, for hard-headed dealing-with-facts.

But, again... better ending, please.
I was in a hospital the other day (nothing serious, boring story) and I was waiting around in the bookshop and there was this little black kid, maybe he was 8 or 9, maybe even younger, and he was completely melting down because he WANTED something, and his mom was trying to hush him up because it was a totally inappropriate fit to be having in a hospital.

When I came around the corner, I saw that what this little boy WANTED and just HAD TO HAVE was the Time/Life coffee table book about Barack Obama.

I caught the eye of the bookseller and we both grinned.
I'm Canadian, but I married a die-hard Democrat from NYC, so I was watching the whole run-up to the primaries and the election with great anticipation. All things considered, I couldn't be happier for the future of the United States than to have Barack Obama sworn in next month. He won't fix everything as if by magic, but for a change, you'll have someone who really wants to make things work for everyone.

Yeah. That. Comfort and joy. Or, echoing Making Light, it was an almost indescribable relief to hear that Mr.Obama, in discussing his appointment of a Nobel laureate physicist to head DoE, had said, "My administration will value science. We will make decisions based on facts." Facts. They will make decisions based on facts. They will value science. Hallelujah, baby, and Hosanna in the Highest, too.
Yes, exactly. It's such a pleasure and such a relief.
I know. The last president I trusted at all was Carter, and I was right in my distrust of his actually getting it--whereas that's the main thing that Obama definitely does.
There was an article in Slate on the emotion "elevation", which describes this.
The thing I've noticed? The use of my mute button has gone down exponentially. Obama's the first presidential candidate (President-Elect!!! Whee!!!) I've wanted to listen to in I can't remember how long.

He's sensible. I just can't get over that. A sensible American president. Who'd ever a thunk it?

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