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he likes that money. he don't mind the smell.

Cat: Monkey? What are you doing?
Monkey: I am napping on the couch, Cat, and watching the sun come up and the Wintry Mix fall.
Cat: There's not enough room on the couch for me to nap too!
Monkey: You can sleep right here by my stomach.
Cat: But that's not close enough to your face.
Monkey: You do not always have to sleep on my face.
Cat: If you don't want me to sleep on your face, you could move your face.
Monkey: If I move my face, I can't watch the snow fall.
Cat: If you move your face, I can sleep on me pillow.
Monkey: That's my pillow.
Cat: Not if I suffocate you. Besides, as soon as you fall asleep, I will make you roll over.

Monkey: *falls asleep*

Monkey: *wakes up in an awkward position with the Cat in custody of the pillow.*

Monkey: Gragh. Gee, I guess I'd better get up before my neck freezes this way.
Cat: Wiktory! Er, I mean, you'd better take care of that. It looks painful.
Monkey: ...
Monkey: I guess I'll just go over here and work on the computer. Since I'm up.
Cat: While you're up, would you check the food bowl?
Monkey: Better watch that pillow. It's a little precariously balanced.

Monkey: *sits in the chair by the window and works*
Cat: *sits on pillow in state and purrs*
Pillow: *tips over edge of sofa*
Cat: *lands mostly on feet. tries to look dignified. fails*
Monkey: You know, I live for the Schadenfreude.
Cat: I'm not going to dignify that.
Cat: Push over there on the chair, Monkey. My feet are cold.
Monkey: For this, I pay her vet bills.
Tags: cat vs. monkey, presumptuous cat
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