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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds bad shirt brigade

in the ashes i have kept the home fires

It's been drawn to my attention that we need another spoiler thread.

Here is your spoiler thread.

If you want to comment on or ask questions about anything spoilery or otherwise about my work, this would be the place. Please just put a title on your comment mentioning what it might be spoilery for, so people can skip comment threads they would prefer not to read.


Regarding _All the Windwracked Stars_...

I was intrigued at the divergence of the world of the story from the Norse mythology I’ve read; I got the feeling that in that world, the Eddas were the same as in ours, but were the result of myths changing over time as they got repeated through oral tradition, and that this was the secret history behind them. Did you have any particular inspiration for your interpretations of Fenrir and Jörmungandr?

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Re: Regarding _All the Windwracked Stars_...

Actually, there's some origin story in By the Mountain Bound. Stay tuned!

The evolution of Loki's children just sort of... came out of my backbrain. I knew I wanted to use them, and not in their traditional forms. And there they were, reshaped and waiting.

Regarding _Dust_

I read Dust over the summer and it was so full of cool that I couldn't believe it.

I did have a question, and this could just be something I'm reading too much into. Everyone has the names they have for a very specific reason, and at first I thought Rien's name was a remark on her social status at the beginning of the novel. But by the end, after the confrontation and her "sacrifice," her name takes on very literal significance. What was your thinking behind that interpretation?

Also, do we get more AI in Chill? Please, please, please more AI!!!!!!!

Re: Regarding _Dust_

Yup. That. Both of those things. I spent about three days trying to find a name that meant "Nothing" (you would think there would be a handy Swahili name, in the "Born to die" category, but I could not find one) and so she got named with a French word. *g*

Re: Chill: yes.

Re: Regarding _Dust_

re: re: Chill



I've been meaning to leave this comment for ages and hesitating because I didn't want to accidentally spoil anything. Whee~

I haven't re-read Undertow, but all this time after I've read it I've still been turning the ending over and over in my mind. While it didn't have the same resonance as the endings of your other books, it turns out it did resonate with me--just not in a way I'd expected.

It's what Cricket tells Lucienne to tell Andre--that he can call when he knows how the story ends. It's a very spare ending, but here I am months later with the words echoing through my head. The echoes haven't coalesced into anything concrete, but they hold the resonance of the other motifs of the book--branching time, events coming around in a circle.

I see why that was the best possible way to end the book out of a choice of unsatisfying endings. It left me baffled at first, but it works on an unexpected level.

Re: Undertow

You can't see me, but I am doing a sack dance.

It worked! It worked!

(That one and Carnival are the two endings that I think rely on the delayed Aha! for their impact, so it always makes me happy when I hear that the ball has dropped for someone. *g*)

All the Windwracked Stars

I enjoyed this - one thing that I found interesting was Muire's role as witness and survivor and the responsibility of remembrance that this places on her. It isn't necessarily a role that we think of very often as a burden, but I liked the way you touched on that for both her and for Gunther.

And a question: is there anything in particular about post-apocalyptic fiction that you enjoy?

(And Life on Mars - have you enjoyed?)

Re: All the Windwracked Stars

Actually, post-apocalyptic fiction usually annoys me, which is probably why I keep writing it. *g* I keep wanting to fix the bits that made me want to scream....

Thank you!

I like Muire too, and what you picked up was something I very much wanted to do with er--the witness thing.