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supermodel cheekbones, equity and cash, milliseconds later piles of ash

1) Got up, got dressed, and got to yoga class this morning, and even managed to get in some swimming and a soak in the hot tub before the snowpocalypse arrived. But it's starting to look like any minute now out there: the sky is flat winter white, and the roofers across the street are packing it in.

2) Magic eating plan, such as it is, is magic. I appear to have lost five pounds since Monday, more or less effortlessly. 0.o o.0 I'm sure this will taper off as my body adapts to its new food intake, but still, for now: 0.o o.0. (Also, even though I got ravenous at archery last night, I never got wobbly or unfocused. I was just hungry. My energy levels are more stable, too. I think I'm a convert.)

3) However, magic eating plan combined with early gym visit requires that if I am going to celebrate the first snowpocalypse of the year with a nice big bowl of cheesy pasta and a cafe mocha laced with schnapps, I have to do it now. Drinking before noon! Oh, the humanity!

4) Well, I guess it's not that bad if I've been up since six...

5) Hic.
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