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bear by san

March 2017



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always winter

other rooms are near to me. i'm not afraid.

Ambition = 0

Okay, what I really need to do right now is eat some toast and peanut butter or some cereal, then put on warm clothes and my boots and go shovel. And then come in and shower and get ready to go to a holiday party. (I have decided to stay in-state today, considering the snow. I hope those of you north of of here who have invited me to other events today will understand.)

What I am currently doing? Sitting on the chair under the cat.

Come on, Bear, up and at 'em.

*gets out and pushes*


In Boston it is *still snowing*. (I got up to dig out my car at 6 am, saw the snow, and figured, well, OK, it'll probably stop. It hasn't.)
Yeah, here too.
I hear you. I still have a present to mail, and I haven't wrapped it yet. So what am I doing? Hmm?

Heh. Time to get off the computer.
I fully understand.

You will simply miss the best 40th birthday party EVER. I will drink to you (water, these days) and miss you.

And party like it's 1987!!!
*g* Hey, did I tell you I'm taking actual yoga classes again?

(Have fun without me.)
Where are you practicing? I may know your teacher!
Through my gym.
what do you shovel? your car? (I am not being snarky, I am curious.) I am sitting the sit of the just, having shoveled my front walk. all hail my father, who adores his gigantic snow blower and did the driveway and sidewalk. *g*
They plow our cars in, and we shovel them out, yes. It's like all the crappy bits of shoveling a driveway without the fun part where you get to shovel the long smooth swipes of snow.

But it's still exercise!
One of the compensations for being an urban cliff-dweller is that someone else gets to do the shovelling.

It's "deep and crisp and even" out here, emphasis on crisp; 10°F in your antiquated measures (*grin*) and that's today's high temperature mark. My motivator too is stalling out in the chill despite the pile of chores in my to-do list...

-- Steve can't put any of them off 'till tomorrow, 'cause tomorrow is the Second Coming of the Snowpocalypse in his parts. *sigh*
You are providing a valuable service, supporting the Presumptuous Cat.
Upkeep. Got it.
Finally finished the driveway -- a foot of snow is a lot of snow! -- just in time for more. Argh.

I've occasionally wondered why more paperweights, thumbtacks, doorstops, etc. aren't made in the shape of cats. If you put a cat on a person, the person won't move -- the same should hold true for paper or other things you want to stay put, right? Right?

I'm sure it's some kind of mysterious amplifying effect the cat's presence has on the futon field of whatever you're sitting on (perhaps it reflects the futons, causing you to receive approx. double the dose you normally would?). I would study it further, but unfortunately I have a cat in my lap right now, and I am thus not going anywhere any time soon. ;-)
Cats are the world's largest natural source of sleepions.