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bear by san

March 2017



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always winter

i need a hand with my worrisome heart

Happy solstice! Happy winter!

The Snowpocalypse continues, though it appears to have shifted to big fat flakes. I am contemplating whether I really want to trek through it to my qigong class. I suppose I should call the gym and find out if it's even happening, which would of course influence my decision... Okay, it hasn't been cancelled yet, but I'm to call back around 9.

Hmm. It's snowing pretty good out there, but it looks like the roads are clear (even the little side street I live on looks okay.)

I think I might give it a shot. Besides, if I go out, I can score food, and I am craving dead animal for dinner tonight. And maybe black beans for lunch. Why yes, somebody does need protein.

Guess maybe I'll shower and put on some clothes and go shovel, in the meantime.

Huh. The book is finished, and like desperance, I do not have to work today. I'd like to finish a short story by the end of the year, though, so I should at least open up the available ones and see what's shaking with any of them. Maybe I can write the harpies, or the snow dragons. It seems like a good time of year for writing snow dragons. 

And I could read books. I remember books. And maybe watch this netflix DVD that has been sitting here since November.


Snow dragons; that sounds wonderful. I'm for snow dragons. And a very happy solstice to you as well!
Thank you!
I didn't get the chance to congratulate you on finishing up another novel yesterday. You are being extremely productive, and I find it very encouraging to have seen a little of how you do it, even though I haven't been following the twitter feed (I'm not twitterfied).

Enjoy your protein intake. I think Dawn and I are planning on having chicken fried steak tonight, ourselves.

A joyous Solstice to you, from the sunny South.
It sure seems like Here There Be Snow Dragons!