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bear by san

March 2017



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lion in winter broken because you're bri

could you be squeaky clean?

Well, the sun appears to have successfully found its way back (always a relief, every year), and as a direct result I must shower and get dressed and eat something and go shovel out the car so I can go to my gym.

You know, winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere always strikes me as the perfect example of  misleading observation. Because of course this is when we are as close to the sun as we ever get, us. It's just the angle of incidence and the lowered insolation making things complicated. So we say the sun is coming back, but really the sun is going away.

I wrote 622 words of the snow dragons story last night. It is determined to be arty and fragmental--maybe it's a feature of necklace-dragon stories--and what I learned is that I need to figure out who the boy/girl-who-is-not-for-eating got into the story. Since apparently the boy/girl-who-is-not-for-eating is telling the story, this might be important. The nice thing about this story is that it wants lots of songs I like.

This is another wicked fairy apologist story. I know everyone is shocked.

And then I slept late, because I can (I see the gym membership shifting my sleep schedule later, as I no longer have to get up at sunrise to run--not that I could be running outside in this weather anyway).

Okay, it's after nine o'clock, and snow means that if I am going to be in Glastonbury at eleven, I need to start now with hot water and preparations.


if I am going to be in Glastonbury at eleven, I need to start now with hot water and preparations.

is your gym in Glastonbury then? which one?
Well, we're getting closer and closer to the Sun, for another week and a bit (January 4th seems to be the next perihelion).
Yes, of course. *g* I was speaking in generalities.
Yes, it is counter-intuitive that the coldest part of the (northern hemisphere) year is teh one spent closest to the Sun and we celebrate the wrong thing (return of the Sun rather than the return of insolation).

Isn't it curious that both insolation and insulation provide comfort in the house?
Except in the summertime, when they have reverse effects!
Just had to say...Coin-Operated Boy? BEST. SONG. EVER! :)
Have you heard Coin Operated Goy by Voltaire?
This can't be The Presumptuous Cat, can it?

'tis not. Just a mockalike.
Dude, the Wicked Fairy Association so owes you.
Shocked by wicked fairy apologetics? Next you'll be asking us to be surprised when the snow dragon's wings are clipped, or the one-who-is-not-to-be-eaten loses an eye or hand. Or vice versa.