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what does toil bring us?

I have decided that scrubbing the entire apartment entitles me to blow off the gym tonight. Ahh, the glamour! but the kitchen is now in the sort of state where you might not mind eating food prepared there, even if the reek of Tilex is filling the place. (In a little bit, I get to go clean out the pile of stuff in the hall and then take a long hot shower with a scrub brush, but first I am having a glass of wine.)

And I do feel productive.

Post-novel ennui: it's also the time when I catch up on all the stuff I've been putting off for ages, like taking a toothbrush to the trim behind the sink. Gack. You would not believe what was living back there.

By the way, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers? Go on the list of Stuff That Actually Works. Actually, I'm pretty sure that the magic in this case is black: anything that takes spagetti sauce splatters off cheap flat white latex paint has to have an implied deal with the devil in it somewhere. They scare me a little.
Tags: the glamour!, we endorse this product

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