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language geeks read Tolkien:

[01:32] matociquala: (Where is the horse and the rider.)
[01:33] matociquala: (No really.)
[01:33] leahbobet: hee
[01:34] stillsostrange: where is the subject verb agreement?
[01:34] leahbobet: It has passed like commas on the mountain.
[01:34] matociquala: I think it's actually an implied compound sentence.
[01:35] matociquala: Where is the horse and where is the rider?
[01:35] leahbobet: Like a semicolon before a nonfiction editor.
[01:35] leahbobet: Wiki tells me this is true, and that the original source is an old English poem that had it that way.
[01:35] leahbobet: As "Where is the horse gone?  Where the rider?"
[01:35] matociquala: Besides, "Where are the horse and the rider?" sounds kind of odd.
[01:35] stillsostrange: hee
[01:35] matociquala: Which is why we get to STET copyeditors. *g*
[01:36] leahbobet: I like it how it is.  It has voice.
[01:36] matociquala: "Where ARE the horse and the rider?"
[01:36] stillsostrange: heee
[01:36] matociquala: "Seriously!" *checks watch*
[01:36] leahbobet: Where STET the horse and the rider?
[01:36] matociquala: "We've been at this bus stop ALL DAY!"
[01:36] matociquala: ...okay, blogging this.
[01:38] matociquala: (Of course, I think that the implied compound sentence demands a comma...)
[01:39] leahbobet: It's an implied comma.
[01:39] matociquala: *loves best*
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