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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds boom

when, oh when, will the keys to the kingdom be mine again?

Boy, my plan for the day could not be more exciting. I'm going to start the laundry, eat some breakfast, finish the laundry, walk downtown, go to the bank and Penzey's spices, eat sushi for lunch, and then walk home and try to work this afternoon.

Wall to wall thrills in the life of this writer....


You are living the dream... :)
Hey, Penzey's and sushi *are* exciting, at least to me.

My thrilling plans include taking down the tree, scrubbing the floor, doing the recycling and getting a haircut.
Floor scrubbing! Woohoo!
I don't know...Penzey's sounds pretty exciting to me...as does a sushi lunch :)
I don't see "Pandering to the Presumptuous Cat" anywhere on that list . . .
Actually, give or take some laundry, it sounds like a pretty nice day.
Sushi is exciting. More exciting than toast and Marmite, which is what I had.
That sounds much more exciting than going to bed, sleeping all day, then getting up and spending the night in the hospital.
As a friend said to me shortly after a night in an ICU, remember, boring is good.
Yes. Boring *is* good.
You're near Penzey's?? I'm soooooo jealous. I loves Penzey's and need to place an order.

Sounds like a nice day.

Almost time to go put the laundry in the dryer.
work, bike ride, eat out, take mick to sam's club, maybe a movie.. You may be jealous, if you prefer.
How does Penzey's sell their spice -- is it already put up in bottles or cans or whatever, or can you select your preferred amount? I'm curious because I just acquired a (relatively) huge jar of ground cardamom, to use in a holiday cookie recipe that called for a whopping 1/4 tsp. of the spice, and I've been contemplating how many years it will take me to use up 2.25 oz at that rate. =8-0

In the interview at GMR on your accession as Winter Queen (and, btw, all hail your maj!) you mentioned a preference for coffee with cardamom, and all my antennae were suddenly a-quiver, wondering what proportions of the one and the other your experience has proved best?

also, Happy New Year and all that
They sell it in variously sized bottles, bags, and boxes.

For coffee, I toss three cardamom pods in the grinder with the beans for one pot, and whizz them up. Probably about a fourth of a teaspoon, if it's preground?
Clean laundry can be pretty exciting if one had run out, and the fresh spices will surely excite a few commenters.
Another vote in favor of Penzey's and sushi being an awesome combination here. :)

Their China cassia cinnamon was an epiphany after only using the regular stuff from the grocery store. I think my tastebuds stood up and sang the Hallelujah chorus.
Sushi is always exciting! Start off with a bowl of edamame beans, salty and simple, along with a bowl of hot miso soup (don't you just love how the miso, if left alone, will coalesce into these fantastically detailed cloud shapes, only to disperse into a mist once more when stirred?). Being a glutton, I usually order pan fried dumplings, and that's just for starters. And oh - ginger dressing salad. Can't go wrong.

And then the main course! Shrimp tempura, as light and delicious as a 15 minute nap in the afternoon sun, sushi rolls like The Dragon or Empress Strikes the Errant Maid, or whatever, and sashimi and teriyaki salmon! Eel rolls, wasabe, small domes of white rice, all washed down with a hefty bottle of Sapporo...

I usually skip dessert and settle back groaning with a mug of green tea. Ah man. Sushi! The highlight of each day, any day, every day!

You *are* living the dream.
That's like four meals by my standards....

I tend to like the simpler fare. A bowl of chirashi, or unagi and tobiko and hotate nigiri. About the fussiest I get is caterpillar roll.
True. Then again, I don't eat for like two days after. And unagi! My kingdom for unagi!I've purposefully refrained from learning how to make that special eel sauce so as to not go mad here at home and drown myself in it.
I concur with previous commentors - IMHO excitement is what happens when the excrement meets the ventilation system. Your day, OTOH, sounds like what I call a Groundhog day - one I could live with getting stuck in for all eternity. I try to create as many Groundhog days as possible, while limiting the amount of excitement in my life to a manageable minimum of irreducible chaos. You have achieved a comfortable level of win on that front, I would venture to suggest.