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bear by san

March 2017



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can't sleep books will eat me

show me how to lie

New year, new list. Here's what I read since last Thursday.

3) Leah Bobet, Above (in manuscript)

One day Atticus was putting boxes and boxes of books about falling in love on the old shelves of the bookshop and the world tilted a way he'd never seen before.

2) Sherman Alexie, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian (A Novel)

Funny how the saddest guys can be happy drunks.

1) Pat O'Shea, The Hounds of the Morrigan

They laughed when they flew over Connemara, where the wild, greedy Atlantic takes long, blue bites out of the green land, and that laugh alone destroyed a field of yellowing oats, turning it ash-grey.


And, once again, you prove conversant in music that I wouldn't expect you to be. :)
*g* I have somewhat catholic tastes, and friends who are happy to pimp.


Oh, Leah Bobet, you have written a gem of a first sentence there!

Is it really "lakes" in the O'Shea sentence? Because I don't know what laking a bite out of something means.
"takes." I am a lousy typist.

And they're not first sentences. Just sentences I liked. *g*
And they're not first sentences. Just sentences I liked. *g*

You have very good taste in sentences, unsurprisingly. You've gotten me interested in all three books to varying degrees, and I've never heard of any of them or their authors before. Not that I needed a longer to-read queue, but c'est la vie... Oh the burdens I bear. ;-)
Referring, no doubt, to Jay-of-that-name. Much large enthusiastic biting.
You know, just for the record, being picked on about my crappy typing does rather hurt my feelings.

Yes. I am a lousy typist. I'm sorry. It's just one of the many ways I suck.

I actually didn't catch the original error. I was only responding to what I saw as the fun of the commentors comment, which does make the kind of sense I made of it in my twisted senses.

And for the record - make fun of my typing all you want - after reading your blog for as long as I have I know full well I make more errors than you do, in many fewer words.
I don't want to make fun of you. Making fun of people is mean.
And I was not making fun of you or your typing. I thought it was a cool pun - who someone else made fun of.

I also noticed you said this to me, not the person who did make fun of your typing.
I said it in the thread, because it looked like propagating.

Can we close the topic sometime soon?
I don't like being made the target when I'm not guilty, either.

So. It's closed. Goodbye.
I made a polite and nonaggressive statement and request pertaining to my own needs.

I did not in any way make you a target. I simply asked (without using any accusatory language, or in fact saying using any pronoun other than "I") for the behavior to stop.

If you look upthread, I think you will see that the first comment to which I responded was a simple request for clarification, and not an attempt to make light of my mistake.

Thank you. :) It's actually somewhere near the end of chapter...two? But I am flattered and accept as intended. :)
I read "Part Time Indian" the same week I read "The Book Thief" and "What I Was" by Meg Rosoff. It was a very good week. But man, YA lit is brutal.
It was indeed one heck of a book. I'm really picky about my YA, but the good stuff is among the best books I've read recently--The Green Glass Sea, for example.

I will look for those other two.
It occurs to me I made it sound like Meg Rosoff wrote both of those! "The Book Thief" was by Markus Zusak. (I'm getting that O'Shea book based on that sentence alone.)
I haven't read The Hounds of the Morrigan in ages...must go find my copy.
Another Sherman Alexie fan here. I have a couple of short story and read them now and then...

- yeff
I was introduced to Alexie after hearing an interview with him something like a decade ago. Haven't read that one yet, it's on my library "get" list.
My cursor happened to be hovering over part of a word so that my skimming eyes and laggard brain had to make sense out of just the beginning and end and approximate length of the word to supply me with a viable option, which is why I'm now sort of wishing you or someone might actually write The Hounds of Marzipan, because it startled me and yet was oddly intriguing.
I was glad to see you say picked sentences you liked, not the first, because I was bending my brain into knots trying to see that Alexie quote at the start of the book, not the front-middlish.

The "Above" quote is completely intriguing. Before I realized I was being stupid and not paying attention, though, I was bending my brain trying to make *that* fit into To Kill A Mockingbird...

(This may be a subtle sign Red needs to get off the Internet.)
I loved the Alexie book SO MUCH--I hope lots of people read your post and go buy it.