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bear by san

March 2017



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david bowie realism _ truepenny

Productivity. I has some.

Today I slushed, critted leahbobet's excellent novel, and wrote 462 words of the harpy story. Including the first sentence and the last sentence, which I got along with one other sentence (nonconsecutive) in the car on the way to the gym.

The first sentence is: My mother doesn't know about the harpy.

I forgot the sentence I figured out on the way home, though.


I hate losing sentences. Sometimes they come back, limping in, broken, battered, black-eyed, in hardly the shape you first gave birth to them. But sometimes they don't, and then I worry that it was perfect and beautiful and nothing could ever say what I was thinking quite like THAT lost sentence.
Try losing a day's work once or twice, then recreating it, then getting the old work back.

It may possibly cure you of the worry, because you'll realize that the second attempt is pretty much just like the first. Some sentences will be better. Some will be worse. But not by much, and the gestalt will be about the same.

My mother doesn't know about the harpy.

They have a cure for that you know!
One of my biggest problems with writing has always been loosing the good parts before I could write them down. And if they ever come back they are never quit as good. Glad to hear yours came back.
I forgot the sentence I figured out on the way home, though.

You mean that happens to Proper Writers too? Wow. o_O
Sometimes I scribble sentences on my left arm while I drive, in order not to forget them.

But usually I can't read them by the time I get home, anyway.
And writing on your arm on the highway in the dark is not just a string of prepositional phrases, it's also a really bad idea...