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bear by san

March 2017



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sf farscape d'argo's your daddy

and i have been shamed. and i have repented.

It seems like the weather has quit for the time being, as I can hear the shovels scraping on the street.

It seems like I didn't accomplish much today, but really what that means is I only wrote a couple of sentences. On the other paw, though, I did pay bills and answer/initiate a lot of business correspondence, apply for a copywriting gig, and I'm about to curl up with Mythbusters and sign an awful lot of signature pages for Seven for a Secret.

February and March are looking like a logistical nightmare. I need to move, you see (I'm looking for a larger apartment that I can split with a roomate, so I can claim the monster dog that my mother the dog breeder is already referring to as Your Dog and also pay less in rent and utilities--but because of the vagaries of the writerly paycheck (every six months if you need it or not) it's looking like I can't actually expect to get paid for several things until probably March or April.

My lease on the tiny apartment is up March 14, and while I could go month by month here for a month, I don't really want to. It's extra paperwork, and all that, and also they charge you a wonking great convenience fee.

So it would behoove me to raise about four thousand dollars CASH MONEY in February.

To that end, we will be having a semiannual booksale sometime around January 31 (Oh, yes). In addition, I'm totally looking for freelance nonfiction gigs (I have no new novels to write this year, though I have got a couple to rewrite and deliver) and I really need some work: there's only so much Torchwood I can take.

So if you know anybody who's looking for a freelancer, send 'em my way.

I'm also thinking of pimping my mad fiction writing and editing skills as a writing tutor, after the model of the mighty dancinghorse. Is that the sort of thing anybody would be interested in partaking of?

The benefit to all of you, of course, is that the sooner I get moved, the sooner you all get Giant Ridiculous Dog stories to go with the Presumptuous Cat stories. And trust me, this dog is ridiculous enough for anybody.

Ace. His name is Ace.


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Full-time go-to-a-job jobs are probably not feasible for me, especially if they involve relocating. But thank you.

I would be madly interested in a Bear for a writing tutor.
Huh. I'm plannin' to take a fallow year myself, come April or May. Partly because my software skillz threaten to atrophy into nonexistence if I don't start using them again sometime soon, partly because I think it would actually be awfully good for my writing.
Is that the sort of thing anybody would be interested in partaking of?

Very likely. My romance writer friends send me author workshop notices all the time (this one was the most recent), and I'm sad that more SF writers don't do them.
I think coaching/mentoring is a great idea for A players in any of the creative professions. I know I'd be interested...keep me posted!
I love the Giant Ridiculous Dog with all the Giant Ridiculous Dog Love in the world.

I'm just saying.
He is a Very Lovable Dog.
What sort of beast is the Giant Ridiculous Dog?

I be curious, as I am tremendously fond of Ridiculous Dogs of the Very Large variety. Although, my Ridiculous Dogs of the Not Very Large variety have been immensely amusing today.
He's a black-born gray Briard, somewhat like this one:


tutor thing: I would.
I would love the writing tutoring thing, as I have a part of a novel that I need some ass kicking to finish, but, alas, I am very poor.

Do you have an idea of what you would charge? Maybe I'd be able to engage you for one read through or something like that. You can email me at jlkronholm @ gmail . com if you don't want to post rates here.
I'm still in the process of checking out what the going rates are....

Root, hog, or die...
If you decide to do the writing tutor thing, I'd be glad to post a call.
Thank you! I'm going to try to avoid it, but....
Hey, I'm looking for a roommate. In... Washington.
I have a roomate lined up. *g* But thank you.
Yay, Ace!
You need to meet Ace.

He's loffly.
Book Sale. I need a copy of Seven.. Signed. The publisher screwed up on me.. i have a copy coming from amazon, but i would just as soon buy some from you. Your non-uncle Paul from vermont needs signed book or two, too.
Ace, meet Buck... Giant Ridiculous Dogs of the world, unite.
Some. But they have a fairly coarse coat, so it's on the order of a couple hours a week rather than every day.

He's three years old, and very smart. I'm kind of in love.
so I can claim the monster dog that my mother the dog breeder is already referring to as Your Dog

I used to be solely a cat person, but I've developed an extreme case of monster dog loff.
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