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"If I knew his name, he'd be dead already."

Criminal Minds 4x10, "Brothers in Arms," written by Holly Herald, directed by Glenn Kershaw

And we open with Phoenix cops in a squad car, and a learning experience--cut short by violence. And Jordan doing JJ's job. pretty well currently.

Unsub POV! All those suspicious, unprotected cops.

Oh, boy. Morgan with the Ayn Rand quote.

Greenscreen! And hostile cops!

"Hotch, can you pause this?"
"He's lingering."
Reid cracks the case!
And Morgan has sympathy for the victims, in an unusual reversal. Usually he's UNSUB guy.

Nobody does confused cop chases through darkened passages like the Bernero team.

Morgan backstory!

"He's using the 911 calls like a lottery."
"The press is not our only problem."

Reid and Rossi doubleteam the cop. And Morgan comes up with a counterplan.

Interrogation scene. Drink! Ooo, everybody watch Morgan code switch!

"I think you want this guy gone for good." Foreshadowing!

"So he's stupid."
"Maybe. But he's aggressive."

"Nothing good." Oh, that's reassuring, bossman.

"The job involves a certain amount of risk." Reid, for the extremely catty win. (It's really unusual to see a CM episode that portrays the local cops as unsymapthetically as this one does.)

Garcia cracks her knuckles. And the world unrolls before her. "Apparently, they don't serve Shirley Temples at this establishment."

The first rule of fight club is we... apparently tell all our friends about fight club.

"I think he's trying to let us know that they have the right to be idiots."

I rather like Beany. He looks like a gamma.

Hee. And Hotch sets himself up as the target. Saw that coming.

Ooo, Penelope, the 1970s called. They want their shirt back.

"Jordan, you and Reid stay here and work the tipline." Awww. Exiled to the kiddie table again.

Hotch is such an actor. Check out that big-dog saunter.

...and while we're all standing around congratulating ourselves... the suspect is shot by the other suspect. Because this is Criminal Minds, and we just wanted to let you know that we've been winning a lot lately, but it's not always going to be that way.

I think I could have done without the somewhat heavyhanded coda. There had to be a better way to handle Morgan's character development than having him repeat the same empty words some stranger no doubt said to him at his father's funeral.

(You ever notice how cop TV characters never have living cop fathers?)

I love that we end with the St. Crispin's Day speech, however. That does my little heart good.

Not a bad ep, but not a classic, either.

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