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"On the road, you never know."

Criminal Minds 4x11, "Normal," written by Andrew Wilder, directed by Steve Boyum

There! Caught up!

And so, we open with a cloverleaf, and AD Skinner tying his tie.Tying his tie, being fussed at by his wife, fussing with his model cars. And being cut off in traffic by a woman in a Mercedes.

...apparently, we had a budget this week.

And OMG, the Kinks! And the horrible little self-satisfied smile.

Oh, Criminal Minds. Oh, Andrew Wilder. Have my babies, TV show. Because the scene where Norman is in bed with his wife, and then gets up and goes to the girls rooms? Is total play-fair.

Children, this is how you do this thing. This is how you hide information in plain sight, so you can use it to totally kick the audience's ass later.

Dear Team: it was too late before you ever heard there was a problem.

My favorite H.L. Mencken quote. And Emily fills in the details on trauma survivors.

"It's the same weapon."
Jordan trying to get her mind around what's required of her is nice.

Hot COTW is hot! Also, Zoe. (Hello, Gina Torres.)

"I could ask for a submarine and get it."

"What if he wasn't planning on murder the first time?"

Good old CM trick, first showing us the victim as somebody hateful, then making her a real person. There are no monsters on this show, just people. Some worse than others.

Look! Prentiss and kids! She's getting better at it.

Reid cracks the case!

And Hotch cracks the case with his mad Dad skills.

Oh, those masculine identity crises.
Greenscreen! Drink!

"This UNSUB is delusional."
"Sooner or later he's going to kill his entire family."

And there's Hotch with the plan. No problem, we'll just track every blue SUV in Orange County.
And Jordan looking cool and collected.

I feel really, really bad for the Concerned Bystanders. :-(
Norman is decompensating.
And so is Jordan. I have to admit, I have a lot of sympathy for her, right there. Poor kid.

"It's my job." Oh, Norman. :-(
We had the budget for a car chase, too!
Prentiss and Reid trying not to scream over Morgan's driving--wonderful. As is Reid being back-seat driven in his back-seat driving, even more wonderful. (Morgan, you need GPS.)
"You good?"
"Good! Go! Go!"

And out favorite CM trick of presenting the delusion from the point of view of the deluded, so it attains reality in the eyes of the audience as well.

"James Bond. Goldfinger."

I love how Reid is "Kid" in the car, and the FBI on the radio, and there's no transition there.
Smart ghost of blond wife!

"Your family is gone, Norman."
We lose.

And Rossi being comforting is a little odd, but works.

Emily, stop hovering. Morgan has kid sisters.
"Gas." <3

Yeah, we were about due for one of those.
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