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bear by san

March 2017



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can't sleep books will eat me

why yes, I am spamming livejournal today...

Seen on the internets...

Best Amazon review ever.

I obviously had an alcohol problem and a deep and intense disrespect for the postal system, but even more importantly I was ignoring the very fabric of our metaphysical reality and inviting destructive influences into my life.



God, do I dislike that book.
Mmm, who knew books could be that useful? Strangely, I think that is the ONLY positive thing I've ever read about The Secret and I have a lurking suspicion that the review was written with a tounge in a cheek (hopefully the author's and author's, but with shivs about, one never knows).
I'm fairly sure I want to marry this person.
Many books would be much more useful if they contained a shiv.
Oh so THAT's how it works!
That must be how that book works. Huh.

Even the comments on the review are a cut above the usual.
That truly was life-changing. I'm in awe.
I swear, I promise, I VOW that I was not attempting facetiousness at all when my first, knee-jerk reaction was "Holy Crap!"
Well, that was certainly instructive.

I loved the comments on the review! Thanks for sharing, and for giving me some new ideas on book promotion.
Hah! Genius. That review should be included with all copies of the book.
This sort of thing is every bit as much art, and with the same intent, as Marcel Duchamp's "Fountain". Well done, that reviewer.
That story is so sad! ;_;... but I'm still quoting it next time people ask why I drink soy milk. XP

That is the greatest review ever written.
I am so glad I stopped eating to read this. Otherwise, there would be primavera on my keyboard and/or monitor.
I must say, thank you for this public service, even if it wasn't from here I read it. When I got to the quoted passage I realised I should never have doubted you (I thought it was you snarking someone reviewing something of yours).

Hee. No, no. If I were doing that, I wouldn't be sly about it.
This is indeed awesome. Although my fav Amazon reviews are still for the marvellously titled Penetrating Wagner's Ring, including such gems as:

"Previous explorations of Wagner's vast Ring piece have been unfulfilling, but Di Gaetani is unafraid to thrust deeply and energetically into this dark and forbidding cavern. A highly satisfying exploration leading the reader to a positively biblical understanding of Wagner's Ring."

There used to be *pages* of them, but they were all removed a while ago. People have clearly started up again. :-)
"Common criticisms of the piece revolve around the contention that large stretches of leitmotiv render the piece rather flaccid, making it difficult for Wagner to take the listener to a successful climax."
Read to my Liztm.
*dies again*

Gives his Wanderlust review a run for its money.

I am reduced to LoLcattery:

OMG. OMFG. It is the Best Amazon Review Ever.
I had to totally post both that review and the soy milk one, just 'cause they are too hilarious for me to loose sight of...XD