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bear by san

March 2017



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let's see what you are an what you're not.

Whoosh. I think time spent at the gym this morning entitles the meat to anything it wants for the rest of the day. We were brave and virtuous. Also, I love the Friday morning yoga class. Even if the heater in the hot tub is currently broken.

Through the magic of the freelance writer's ability to find money in crevices, it looks like I will be able to pull off this moving thing without selling blood. Do look forward to the end-of-January booksale, however, as I really don't want to move any more of these damned things than necessary. Also, I need to buy two more bookcases.

And now, some self-pimpation.

Item the first: Interview with me at Dragonpage, mostly about All the Windwracked Stars.

Item the second: Now the deal is closed and It Can Be Told (and Scalzi and Jay have already blogged this, so I'm assuming most of you already know): Print version of Metatropolis from Subterranean Press. There's a limited edition, also, which is bound to sell out fast. Order page here....

And, completing my catchup of Criminal Minds-related activities, my review of 4x11, "Normal," is up at Tor.com. 

Now, I have to drink a beer and work on the harpy story and figure out how the heck I'm going to eat as many calories as I need to eat today. Because yes, I really did work out that much.



I shall call this week the wekk of preordering books that I would rather have right now.
I was up until 2am finishing A Companion to Wolves. It is an awesome sundae with awesome sauce and awesome sprinkles.

And now my copy of ATWS is TAUNTING ME because I have to wait until after I am done with tomorrow prep and then tomorrow before I can read it.

It is an awesome sundae with awesome sauce and awesome sprinkles.

I couldn't have put it better myself! /me wants my own trellwolf! LOL :)
Trellwolves rock. And have big slavery teeth and stuff.
*squee* Where'd I put my Mastercard?
Yeah, I'm with ohari. I've pre ordered not only this, but the new Abby Irene book and the Jack Vance collection. Want all three RIGHT NOW.

Oooh! Great review. Thanks for writing.
I understand what you mean about the gym. I went to the gym last night and blamed my exercise-related "hunger" on a massive refrigerator raid. When it was over, I just thought to myself: "I am exercising for cardio anyway," which is semi-true.