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bear by san

March 2017



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rengeek kit faustus commodorified

johnny drove the half-track because we could not find a jeep

A snowpocalypse is underway, though we appear to be at the intermission. The sky is still glowing white beyond the houses across the street, though, so I'm pretty sure we aren't done yet--and the radar confirms my suspicions. The next wave is supposed to be sleet, too, and persist through lunchtime tomorrow. Yum.

Looks like I will not be making it to either my D&D game or my qigong class tomorrow. Ah well, sleeping late is something we don't get to do often enough around here.

Sadly, the internet is boring tonight (aren't you all supposed to be entertaining me while I'm snowed in?) but I do have a good supply of coffee, tea, cocoa, catfood, and unread books, so I imagine things will be okay in the long run. That'll be two days in a row without hitting the gym: can the furniture survive?!

Apartment hunting has commenced in earnest, though I don't expect to find a place before early February, as of course everybody renting now wants tenants for the first of next month, not the first of March.

And the harpy story is still broken. And I'm still not fixing it today. I am starting to have fairly serious writing itch, though, which is good. It means the post-novel ennui is wearing off, and maybe when coffeeem sends back "Lucky Day," I'll have something useful to say about it.

In the mean time, though, eventually I will have o fix the harpies so they will leave me alone. And maybe if I get that done, the blind cave mermaids will tell me about themselves. 


(aren't you all supposed to be entertaining me while I'm snowed in?)

*performs an interpretive dance for your amusementedification*
What kind of qigong?
I'm not actually really sure. It's only my third class.

But it involves five animals, with associated elements, emotions, ways of seeing, and gestures.

It's enormous fun.
That's a good one (and complex enough that you actually need more than three classes to remember it all).
Oh, heck yes. I'm just starting to get the hang of some of the easier bits, and that's with fifteen years of yoga to draw on. This is neat. *g*
Hooray for the animal frolics! My tai chi teacher teaches those sometimes, but I've never taken them. He uses the Chen family qigong as a warm up before class, though. (2 years studying tai chi, and I just /now/ feel confident enough to perform the entire Chen long form correctly. And I have years to go before I can do it properly. But I'm hoping to learn the Yang short sword form soon. Sword forms are awesome.)
It's just started snowing here. The forecast had said we'd be fully under by now but luckily not so, which worked well for me because I managed to sneak in a trip for a few grocery essentials and some take-out chinese food without a hitch.

If you're seriously bored ping me on IM later and I can ask you questions about rock climbing (-:
Send email. I hate IM.
Dubious entertainment value, but these are pictures of my new old house (with the boxes unpacked and/or hidden).
Boston is supposedly undergoing the snowpocalypse, though I don't really know because I haven't been out of this building since... 6p yesterday, and I... haven't actually looked out the windows all day, come to think. The Library needs to be Inventoried. And at 60K volumes, that's actually a bit of a chore.

Oh. My colleagues inform me that the snow has hit as of now. Hmm. I may be spending another night here. Oh well.
Entertainment, huh? How's about some Beaker?


CT seems to be bogarting all the snow. :(
It dumped snow here, too, but we were out most of the day. What's the point of having both AWD and snow tires if it doesn't let you ignore 10 inches of snow?
In less urbanized parts, nocturnal snowpocalypses tend to tend to eerie shades of blue--I think the moon's phase is responsible for however light or dark it is. That's one of the few things I miss about Iowa snowpocalypses.
Down here, we're having The Deluge, and another TVA ash pond has failed, this time in Alabama.