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bear by san

March 2017



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phil ochs troubador

and i can feel it in my bones, i'm gonna spend my whole life alone

Five things make a post, but I only have three...

1) So okay, yeah, it's true. casacorona has made an offer on two sequels to A Companion to Wolves (tentatively entitled An Apprentice to Elves and A Reckoning of Men) (not necessarily in that order), and through the good offices of arcaedia, truepenny and I have accepted. Now, um, we just have to write the dratted things. (Don't hold yer breath.)

2) via everybody, "You Have To Get Out Of Here. YOUR VAGINA IS HAUNTED." Chris's Invincible Superblog sporks the latest issue of Tarot: The Worst Comic Evar. NSFW. In case you were, you know, in doubt somehow.

3) meet Ace, the Wonder Ridiculous Dog. (Yes, that is his name. No, I did not name him: he came with it.)

(Other photos here.)

The thing in his mouth is a Linus blanket synthetic shearling llama. Because I already knew you were going to ask.

He met the Presumptuous Cat today, and was properly obsequious. Also really really good on a very long and trying car ride.


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Whoot. ACTW is why I stalkered you out on the interwebs. I'm delighted to hear there will be more to come.

Also, the Ridiculous Dog is ridiculously hairy. Ohmy.
He totally is. And despite that, he grew up in Florida, and hates the cold.

I did say he was ridiculous....
I really like animals. *g* Most of the time, you get back exactly as much as you give out, you know?

...although you pay for it in slippers. *g*
Yeah.. cool. More eBear books.. And there is a dog under all that hair? I'll take your word for it. Ace is a good name.. You can yell it on a street corner without sounding like a dolt.
If you get him wet he's just eyes and a tail.
Aw! He is an Adorably Ridiculous Dog!
So do I! We decided not to go with the one we looked at today, as it was too far out of the way of Future Roomie's work.
Aside from my fangirl crush on the Ridiculous Dog, your hair is very cute--in a suitably butch way, of course.
Aww. Thank you.

(Ridiculous Dog needs fangirls. He's had a rough life.)
Ooh! I totally like your pony! Err...delightfully shaggy ridiculous dog. :) (seriously, he looks great)
Yay! Something to look forward to book-wise.Giant dog is v. cute. *pets giant fluffy dog*
He's totally smaller than a Pyrenees! *g*
Ohhhhh, him are fluffy.
I am easily distracted, apparently. Congrats on the book sales!
He is adorable! And even shaggier than my shaggy dog!
Also, YAY for ACTW sequels! And YAY for you selling books!
~nods solemnly~ That is definitely a Ridiculous Dog. Also a rather cute one, and I say that as someone who usually gets sick to her stomach at the sight of a dog.

Glad to hear he has the proper attitude to the Cat, too!
But the question is, what does the Cat think??
synthetic shearling llama

I'm imagining a cybernetic llama running around without its skin, like a shiny cameloid Terminator. Four-legged. Cute. Glowing red eyes in the Chilean dusk.
...write that.
I am covered with tears of laughter at the haunted vagina blog.
... and now so am I. *facepalm*

Awww. I want to curl up with the Ridiculous Dog in that photo. He looks warm.
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