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bear by san

March 2017



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nota bene

The high tech cat litter trays with the absorbent pad under the fired clay litter are awesome. They work, the cat doesn't track litter, and they don't smell.

Do not, for the love of all that's holy, forget to change the pad for two weeks. Do you know what two-week-old cat urine smells like?

I do.


"Do you know what two-week-old cat urine smells like?"
Unfortunately, yes, I do. Luckily, I realised (in time) what was in the offering, so mostly managed not to inhale.
What are these litter trays called? I definitely want to look into this.

I have asthma and three cats. This sounds like it might be a good solution.

Right up until I need to do laundry. *puffs twice*
the disturbing part is that they have used ones for sale...
Do you know what two-week-old cat urine smells like?

I'm saving that experience for my old age.
Do you know what two-week-old cat urine smells like?

Yes: it smells like the fireplace niche behind my TV set in the living room, right before I dropped a large sheet of plywood in front of it and gave Frigg a telling-off.

(It's okay, I didn't much like that wallpaper or carpet anyway.)

Edited at 2009-01-14 03:37 pm (UTC)
Hmm. Sounds like a neat system. I wonder how well it scales.

People keep trying to give me cat litter management stuff, because I am a crazy old cat lady, but I find a lot of it is great if you've got one or two cats, but not so much if you have more. The cat little genie (like a diaper genie for cat litter) was a really nice idea, except I broke it by the third use.

So you scoop out the solids and change the pads for the liquids? How often does it need more litter? Because I go through a lot of litter.
I haven't needed more litter yet. I wait until the poop is on the dry side, scoop it up, give it a rattle against the side of the hood, and most of the litter falls off the dry poop.

I figure it will need more eventually. But this is the only funky futuristic cat pan I've seen that works.

just remember to CHANGE THE PADS. *g*
I have a littermaid and it rocks... but I'm going to look at this system, too...

I know what two-week-old-cat-pee smells like. x.x I had a cat that used to pee in the corner of the living room... know what? Cat pee DOES NOT come out of carpet. I don't care what you use, even those things that have bacteria that eat it... it NEVER. COMES. UP. x.x;;

Yay cats. XP
Yes, it smells like my entire fucking house.

Not that I'm bitter.

(I will look into the litter tray - all we have to do now is ensure that the Tortie girls actually use the tray: they were never house trained, having belonged to an elderly and dotty relative of T's ex, and it is now far too late. Add to that an elderly Rottweiler who doesn't like getting her feet wet... I should buy shares in carpet shampoo and scented candles).
Like this:

Of course I know what two-week-old cat urine smells like. I have been to Readercon, you know.
Do you know what two-week-old cat urine smells like?


After attempting for 2 weeks to get a urine sample from the cat, it finally peed in front of us; more precisely, all over me and my dad's car on the way to the vet.

We smelled that smell everytime he put the heater on for monthsafterwards.

Edited at 2009-01-14 06:08 pm (UTC)
Your icon is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. Ever single haiku made me laugh. Bravo!
You got a link to the actual product?

I've never heard of these and they sound like *exactly* what we need. We're pulling out our hair right now trying to improve the whole "cat litter messing up the bahtroom and tracking through the house" situation.
Oh, you posted a link already. Sorry. that's what I get for commenting before I read the other comments.
Sounds cool. I passed the link on to my honey.
Man, I'm a gamer. Of course I know that smell.

Myself, I'm thinking of waiting to get this litterbox. Just for the amusement value.
Yes. Unfortunately.

However, I take comfort in the knowledge (which I have on fairly good authority) that there are things that smell much much worse than two-week old cat urine. I forget what the critters are called, but apparently the stench is really quite exquisite.

Yeah, familiar with that stench...

Man, that stuff is nasty. And it can melt plaster. o_O
The only problem I have is finding places that sell the pads and pellets. Now when I find them, I buy in bulk and hoard them for the future.

But, yes. I love the Breeze system.
Are you trying enjealous us with your stories regaling the glamour of being a best-selling midlist genre writer?

... cuz it might be working.
Wow that is some completely incomprehensible bullshit right there. Even if you discount the (deliberate) use of the non-word "enjealous."