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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds hotch and prentiss tennys

young girls, they call us the diamond dogs.

Well, a huge comment thread did not successfully prevent me from revising the harpy story today.

I still think it's a disappointment and probably an artistic failure, but I'm at a loss as to what else to do with it at this point.


Put it aside and stop thinking about it.

Come at it fresh later, when you have perspective.

Yes, Writing 101, but still applicable! ;)
Now I want to read it.
Well, me trying to be concise is maybe never a good plan. I don't want to read it because you think it might be an artistic failure, but because your posts about struggling with it have left me very, very curious.

I also really want to give up this "really good for my career" editing gig and write instead, so I can finish up the damned scaryfae story and send it to VP.
Put it aside and look at it in 3 months. ... as Liddle_Oldman says. It is Writing 101, but it works.
If I knew you better, I'd suggest reading it over for you, but you don't know me, and you have people to do that for you. All I can offer is, I'm sure you'll figure it out someday. Hopefully that day will come before it sees print.

Hi! New here, very new in fact, and new to your novels as well (I just started Blood and Iron, so the only they I have to say is, you are/were writing something with harpies in it?! Awesome!
Just one harpy. *g* Thank you.
Put it to one side, and forget about it. See what sleeping brings -- or something that's NOT writing, and let it fix itself.

Alternatively, if you need a reader (I'm sure you have plenty already... but just in case), I'm available and willing.

If you think it's a failure, then you have some idea what is wrong.

Fixing it, then, probably requires one of three things--learning something new, most likely a new skill; adding something to the mix; or taking something out. Give it some time, and I bet you'll figure out which.

I think my best writing efforts, song or other, have come from different ideas colliding additively and synergistically, so perhaps it just needs another layer?