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"Rookie mistake."

Criminal Minds 4x12, "Soul Mates," written by Erica Messler and Debra J. Fisher, directed by John E. Gallagher

Sort of a choppy episode, and not as well-paced as I would have like, but it made it up from a fannish perspective in Morgan being made of boiled awesome, and some great bits with Reid and Garcia.

"We saved dozens of lives that day, honey."
Michael Boatman brings the creepy. And Steve Rankin, another familiar face as the detective. And the team shows up. Another episode that begins at the end of the investigation.

"What are the odds we can get him to break in the next twelve hours?"
Oh, Rossi of little faith.
And Jordan, so much more collected.

I like William looking to Morgan for support and rolling his eyes at him over Rossi.

Hotch looks like a vulture. Good body language, hunched and pained.
"What would you do if somebody was hurting Andrea?"

Geek Squad! "Born ready."
"I'm always in control, sweet cheeks."
Garcia, win.

Spencer's back to the hair grease and polka dot shirts. Oh, Spencer. "One guy uses dashes while the other uses ellipses." MGG has beek working on his geeksnort.
Always nice to see Reid being psycholinguistics guy.

"He was left in a basket on the steps of the FBI."

I also love Morgan asking "Kid, you sure?" and Reid just staring at him.

"We found Missy."

"I looked her father in the eye and swore we'd find her alive." Drink!
Love that shot of Rossi, Prentiss, and Hotch against the sky.
"He has a partner."

Spencercam! Drink! Spencercam with an audio track, even.
"His arrogance is typical of a dominant personality. He's found a submissive who's willing to kill for him." That thing, where they get to be wrong. *g* You never see that on CSI.

"The partner's a biter."

This confrontation scene between Rossi, Morgan, and Harris plays better on second viewing. I particularly like Harris meeting Morgan and Rossi on the oblique. But he can't keep the smug off his face.

Garcia cracks the case!
I love the rape victim, and her determination to get through her

"We're looking at two dominant personalities."
"Their lives probably mirror each other as well."

Reid and Morgan have the angle. Nice.
"We think we know the ones we love. But everyone can keep secrets." Aw, Hotch. Yes they can.

Dana Davis, the actress playing Harris' daughter does not have as much range as I'd like, but her bluster in the scene with Prentiss is nice. I also like the way she takes control of the conversation, and Prentiss lets her.

Reid and Morgan computing together. All the way back to the series premier.

"All these gifts. All these girls."
"Do you hear yourself?"

And predatory unsub number two, using the attack on unsub #1's family as an excuse to get close. The overtones of racial violence here have to be deliberate, given the way they're playing the conversations between Harris and Morgan.

"I have absolutely no idea what it's like to be in love with another man." And Morgan can't quite say that without moving away from it, can he? Leaning back and crossing his arms. Sure, Morgan. Not that there was anything like that in the most traumatic and abusive relationship of your life.

Ouch. He is getting some excellent character development in this episode. I think the pacing's a little off: it feels slow and choppy and the narrative tension is broken, but there are some great moments.

"You've got a big chip on your shoulder." Harris tries to profile Morgan, projects on him, and reveals an awful lot about himself in the process.

"We're just trading punches."

I wonder if Stephen is the one who messed up the car to begin with.
The clue phone rings for Andrew Harris.

Hotch and Reid crack the case!

The coded unsub courtship conversation is so icky and kind of delightful.

"I think you've been running from yourself your entire life." Yes. Harris gave away an awful lot. And he tries to scramble again for the attack he thinks worked, and the handhold he thought he had isn't there.

"Mr. Snakey." Garcia <3. Finally, enough Garcia this episode.

"Something audible."
Reid cracks the case!
And today, the cheerful summertime song we ruin is Tom Petty! (Not that that would be a shoutout to The Silence of the Lambs or anything. *g*)

"After all this time you figuring out who my neighbor is seems like a really small victory."

Oh, Mom. "You have been paid to lie for so long it's who you are." And that circles back to Morgan, and his integrity. and that integrity is why he wins. And Andrea has the integrity her dad lacks.

Interesting to see Prentiss embracing her, embracing her pain even when she can't do anything about it.

"They needed to say goodbye."

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