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it's a good thing you don't know what i'm like because you probably wouldn't think much of me

We trekked up to the Albany Indoor Rockgym today to try it out and introduce a friend of Alisa's to the rockclimbing thing. It was fun: we wound up hanging out at the gym for about three hours and did a lot of climbing. Unfortunately, the gym itself was something of a disappointment: it's just a grigri and carabiner clip operation, and I'm spoiled by gyms which allow climbers to use real belay rigs. Also, none of the routes were rated, and they were badly enough designed and marked that it was pretty much impossible to tell what was supposed to be a route and what wasn't.

The actual structure of the gym was cool: lots of bays and corners and chimneys and cracks and so on, good stuff to play with, and I did get to play with a lot of it. It felt like pretty good exercise, at least, even if I did wish they had some rated routes to try my luck on.

I climbed six routes walls, tried a couple of others, and did some traversing. Good times, good times.

In news of fail, here's a good example of how to make sure you never work in this town again.

Poppy Z. Brite explains just what's going on over there, so I don't have to.

Dear aspiring writers: don't do that.

(I hope mroctober doesn't mind my linking this, but really, in what universe does anybody treat another human being the way twitboy there is treating him? It's pathetic and sad.)
Tags: club scene, falling off perfectly good rocks
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