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bear by san

March 2017



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hustle mickey worrying

surrounded by stories, surreal and sublime

Hustle is back, so GIP!

Icons are for sharing, so feel free to grab any you like.



I admit to missing Marc Warren and his abs, and the shiny Jaime Murray, and there's not been nearly enough Robert Vaughn so far. But Mickey and Ash are there for me, and I think the new kids will work out well. It's already bouncing back from the somewhat lackadaisical Season 4. Oh, Adrian Lester, never leave me again


Airing in the UK, currently. But sometimes nice British friends will send things in advance. *g*
Hiii! Just dropping in to say I bought the MMPB of Whiskey and Water about an hour ago! I read the back and I'm so exciteddd for more Matthew. I hope we get some Elaine too, but if we don't, that's fine too.
Thanks! I hope you like it!
I really really need the 'worrying' one ::swipes:: thank you :)
*g* yay!
Ash icons. They are gorgeous. ~admires~
Yours to share if you like. *g*

Robert Glenister delights me. He underplays so beautifully.

One thing I really noticed about both actors going through caps for these icons was how expressive they are, and how well they use their faces. There's no groveling around looking for a good cap: it's more embarrassment of riches.
Robert Glenister is wonderful. And, I think, rather a better actor than his younger brother...
I miss Marc too. Danny was my favorite character. But still, HUSTLE. I'm happy.
Danny made me crazy--I hate that kind of character. But I had slowly warmed up to him over the past four seasons, and now I miss him. And Mr. Warren does, indeed, have a pretty belly. Ahem. /shallow
Was this a natural or not? I must have started to think in Icon, because I say him hoofing it down the street in the yellow suit, and all I could think was VISUAL PUN!
The world is just set up that way.
I've only seen this recently - just one episode, but i do need to find all of them. It's a really cool show.
It really is. *g*