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bear by san

March 2017



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iggy pop amazing abdomen

i'm on tape decks all over hell.

aamcnamara asked me to link her post offering anybody interested copies of an essay on Dust and Ursula K. Le Guin's Paradises Lost. Sounds pretty cool, and I'm resisting asking for a copy myself. There's such a thing as too much introspection.

In other news, it's snowpocalypsing again, and I'm debating qigong or no qigong. It'd probably be good for me to go, wouldn't it? I wonder how bad the roads are.

And then I can come home and clean this horrid pigsty. These floors are unbelievable.


Qigong. You know you won't regret it.

And if you're even considering going out, it must be much lighter down there than it is up here, though now we've got big flakes, so it might be tapering off.
Well, it's done now, but it was pretty heavy for a while there. I think we got four inches?
Looks like we got a bit more. Fluffy stuff. We need more snowpack!
I'm guessing you'd rather spell Le Guin's name correctly, so I'm letting you know.

Also, a moment to appreciate you for how you've handled the last huge kerfuffle.
Both of those, and a vote of thanks for the Amazing Abdomen again. Some icons, I can just sit and watch for hours...
Hypnotic, isn't it? Not bad for a boy of... 62?
Hah! Yes, thank you. My typing, as usual, sucks.

There's really only two sane things any artist can do about criticism, especially criticism of old work: ignore it, or acknowledge it and move forward. At least I know the art is reaching people.
Pigsties. Yeah. I tackled elements of mine yesterday, with the Amazing! New! Vacuum!

It is amazing how soothing it can be to walk over a carpet that doesn't have dirt on it. I'm not a clean freak, but still....dirty floors get to me after a while.
Stinky hot all week here ;-)
Thanks for the perspective. And thank axial tilt for winter.