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i'm bad. i'm nationwide.

Did go to qigong, after all, and I was the only one who showed up. In the course of being the Brave Student, I discovered that Instructor Bob is also a climber (since I got a private lesson today) and we did some different stuff. I started to learn eight of the Eighteen Buddha Palms forms (this is all thill so new to me, so forgive if I mess it up.) and then we did forty minutes of "real" t'ai chi chuan, where I started to learn a Yang-style form, and Bob taught me a little bit about the history of the martial art and the evolution of Chen style into Yang style, with associated legendry.

Then I did a little time on the treadmill, swam, and visited My Friend The Hot Tub. Worth a drive in the snow, especially since while I was out, I took the opportunity to patronize a local business, the Cosmos Grocery on Farmington Avenue, which is a kind of Indian grocery store/deli with profoundly weird cultural influences. By which I mean, it's the only place on Earth that I'm aware of where you can get halal takeout, rent Heroes in Hindi, and also buy lingonberries.

So lunch will be pistachio halvah, bhaigan, saag, chicken tikka, and curry goat. Just as soon as the rice is done. (Yes, I finally found a place to buy lingonberries in Connecticut, and it's the Indian deli. Truly the future is a fine fine place to live.

Maybe I'll have the lingonberries for dessert.)

God, I love my neighborhood. Sadly, the excellent Jamaican restaurant seems to be gone, but I still have good Indian, Brazilian, Pho, Thai, Japanese, and the best Irish pub, pizza, and hot wings in Hartford within walking distance (in fact, the pizza and hot wings deliver). My three closest delis are Algerian, Greek, and Indian, in that order.

I hope you're jealous, because you should be. The only problem is that I can't eat all of it every day.
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