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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds gideon murder before coff

does the fbi know we're here?

[21:07] matociquala: ...my god, somebody on 24 just asserted that information gleaned by torture is unreliable.
[21:07] leahbobet: ...ooh wow.
[21:07] matociquala: There go the last six seasons.
[21:07] leahbobet: Lookit that culture change.
[21:07] beatriceeagle: ...You lie.
[21:07] matociquala: Well, they decided that they could still use the information they'd gleaned by torture this time, though
[21:07] leahbobet: ...
[21:07] leahbobet: *headdesk*
[21:07] matociquala: because the writers dunno how else to plot
[21:08] matociquala: ..so blogging that



"..so blogging that"

I love you so much. :P

I used to be such a huge Kiefer Sutherland fan. :-P
Me, too! I watched S1 of this show with great glee. But by the time we got to S5, its politics made me so crazy I swore I wouldn't watch it anymore. Even for Kiefer and his endearingly gravelly voice.
I will hold onto Ace Merrill, and David, and Athos, and ignore this Jack Bauer nonsense, and try to restrain my sorrow at the actor choosing to be associated with a problematic work.

*sigh* Never grow old, never die.
oh david :D
I read an articule somewhere the other day stating that this season Jack Bauer would being questioning the morality of torture.

'Bout f-ing time.
Regime change begins at home-on the tube?
Man, they had a lawyer IN THERE hounding the FBI like ten minutes after the torture had occurred. Imagine a world where justice moves that fast.
Actually, I noticed last season (two seasons ago?) at the beginning of the season, that it seemed very noticeable that they were still using torture pretty heavily, but it never seemed to generate any useful information when the good guys used it -- if they did learn anything, it was always too late to be of any actual use. I wasn't clear if it was supposed to be a subtle morality lesson or if there just had been an anti-torture mandate that the writers didn't know how to deal with....
Maybe the fact that about two years ago, The Shield and Criminal Minds got held up all over the media as shows that fostered realistic and nuanced understandings of torture, while 24 was pilloried, had something to do with it?
I can't believe they came out and said it!

I can believe they then pretended it didn't matter.