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does the fbi know we're here?

[21:07] matociquala: god, somebody on 24 just asserted that information gleaned by torture is unreliable.
[21:07] leahbobet: ...ooh wow.
[21:07] matociquala: There go the last six seasons.
[21:07] leahbobet: Lookit that culture change.
[21:07] beatriceeagle: ...You lie.
[21:07] matociquala: Well, they decided that they could still use the information they'd gleaned by torture this time, though
[21:07] leahbobet: ...
[21:07] leahbobet: *headdesk*
[21:07] matociquala: because the writers dunno how else to plot
[21:08] matociquala: blogging that
Tags: media, the writers at work

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