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i deal out justice with the toe of my boot

There was a lot of wall tonight. Warmup was up and down the slab twice, a 5.4 (about) which I did no hands, and a 5.6 on the same rope. Downclimbing is skeery but fun. Then I got a new unrated orange route that I think is a 5.7, which I sent first try, no falls and no dogging, though the last two moves were a challenge. And I resent an unrated black route I've gotten once and failed on once, thought I still did it with no style. And then I climbed a yellow 5.7 in the corner on the crack, which is totally not a real 5.7 but more like a 5.8. (We call this a 5.7 MA*) Thrash, thrash, thrash, total burnout. But I got it, and I am getting less terrified of the corner and using it.  I was going to go back and redo a black 5.7 in the back room, but I was way too burned out.

Now. Indian food. Nom.

*My Ass
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks

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