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on your mark red ribbon runners

First, a really good work day. 2,132 words on "Lucky Day," and it's pretty much written except the climactic space battle. And we more or less know how that goes.

I've sent it back to coffeeem to see what she wants to do with it (I'd rather read her version than mine any day), which means I have fulfilled my current obligations.

I'm currently listening to the news and being sleepy. Coffee might be in order, and eventually I shall attempt to make it to the gym for Healthful Exercise. But really, right now, all bets are off. I'm tired.

On the other hand, it's 4:30, and the sky is still blue.

Just a reminder to Boston-area folk: I will be at Vericon Friday and Saturday, along with Kim Stanley Robinson , catvalente, and others!
Tags: bear appearances, progress notes, wtf

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