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bear by san

March 2017



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muppetology need bears fozzie & kermit

Can't sleep: the new presidential limo has accessed Skynet.

Wow. Now that's a suburban assault vehicle.


when they opened the doors to the limo, you can see how thick the plating and other measures are.
"...but can fend off asteroids"

Love it!
Hunh. He was working across the street from me in Chicago part of the time during the transition [she says offhandedly] and when we'd see him come and go, at that point he and his party consisted of five more or less ordinary looking (although I assume they were armored) SUVs with tinted windows - preceded by and followed by police cars. Oh, and a "short bus" which I understand contained the press.

I wondered at the time that they were not "limo" looking things.

(Ok, across the street and 28 floors up...)
Imagine the Chief Executive doing his own dirty work with it, when it truly needs doing for the good of multiple nations.

*grins widely at the prospect*
0 to 60 in 15 with a reported top speed of 60? (I'd suspect higher irl) I don't know about that.
And if it can drive itself and speak with the voice of Val Kilmer... :)
Don't forget the self-repairing ability...
Is it just my poor ability to recognize faces, or does the driver look a bit like Dubya?
I want one!
*eyes it*

Actually, I'd have expected a composite armor instead of 5" steel on the bottom. It's ... interesting ... but overall, I'd feel better putting him in something more nimble, larger, and so forth. Something like the Sandcat, for example.


Then again, I just have a love of nimble armor with good undercarriage ... that isn't bloody flat. Flat armor doesn't absorb worth (blast, I need a good non-swear-word here) against face on shaped charges - not that anyone's going to get a road placed IED in that thing's path, but I'd rather they were prepared for the unlikely event, since clearly they have the money to throw at doing it wrong.
Reportedly, the armored limo doesn't stand up to potholes very well, which is part of the "no absorption" problem with the metal plate armor method.
Only just started my research set on the limo, but I can't say I'm surprised. It appears to be carrying too much weight for both its suspension and power train. To my eye, it looks more like a concept vehicle someone approved because they can point to features without direct reference to functionality.

Suppose I should really have a deeper set of data to pull from before I go completely down in the mouth about it, but the idea of riding it it personally just makes my skin crawl. Having to drive something like that: Sure, some of the basic extraction tactics work on mass alone, but as described, I suspect the thing of wallowing like a buffalo under duress when under... er... duress.

...which is actually true of a lot of armored cars, if to a generally lesser degree...


Here's to the new bloke getting good protection and never needing it.
That vehicle doesn't really need to get away from most problems. If anything happens it just needs to keep the president alive and well for the few minutes it takes for his escort to respond.

Let's just say I'm strongly opinionated in the other direction. Also, since this particular discussion looks like it could get long winded (at least from my side) if you'd like me to continue it, just let me know - I can do up a post in my own journal to handle that, rather than leaving a vast trail of commentary here.
Let's just leave it be. I do understand your points.
The Obama-mobile is awesome!
It says the driver's side window rolls down a few inches so the driver can pay tolls. Seriously, the PotUS has to stop and pay tolls?

Haven't they seen The Godfather?

Or Blazing Saddles? :P
Or don't they have an EZ-Pass?!
Sadly, there are uncivilized places like Ohio that don't do EZPass.
The limo carries a supply of the President's blood for emergency transfusions. O.o

Okay, that's where it went from shiny to just plain creepy.
Yes, that's what I thought too. Yuck.
Yeah -- doesn't that mean he has to pretty constantly give blood to maintain the supply?

Or (it occurs to me), do they mean that there's a supply of the president's type, which sounds more reasonable. I certainly hope they do!
They'd do better to use one of the armoured Mercedes 600 VIP transports you can buy in Germany.

Eduard Shevardnadze survived an assassination attempt in one ... it soaked up three rocket-propelled grenades and quite a lot of fire from a .50 calibre heavy machine gun as it departed the killing zone at around 90mph, on wheel rims (even bulletproof tyres don't really like grenades).

A 60mph top speed and 0-16 in 15 is worryingly slow, given that the purpose of the armour on a limo like that is to soak up damage until it can get out of range -- lighter bodywork and the ability to sprint to 120mph would halve the exposure time under fire. Unless the main threat they anticipate is large under-road bombs, in which case no amount of armour will help (the bad guys can always plant a bigger bomb; by the mid-80s the Provisional IRA were using half a ton of ANFO at a time to whack British army convoys).

(You can tell I've been reading up on this stuff ...)

Mercedes isn't an option.

The US President has to ride in an American made car for political purposes. The auto industry is our national penis. (And is experiencing significant shrinkage these days.)

Re: Mercedes isn't an option.

Your internet is in the mail.