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quinnclub sent me a Shakespeare Finger Puppet.

My Suckmonkey (which was a gift from another friend: a monkey symbolizing Authorial Neuroses) is currently playing with it from said Suckmonkey's usual perch on top of my monitor.


One monitor and printer.
Half a spindle of CDs.
Several chunks of The Stratford Man in printout, as marked up by truepenny, katallen, and buymeaclue
An empty sandwich plate that had a piece of Jarlsberg cheese, some cinnamon toast, and a kiwi on it.
The September Locus.
A small pile of the kind of CDs that have music on them, mostly stuff by various local bands I've never heard of that people such as my father have sent me
A dry-erase board with clips on it, which currently hold a map of Toronto and the 1594 Julian calendar.
A grey cat (shedding)
Some decorated boxes that contain random clutter.
A Parker fountain pen that my mother gave me.
My SM timeline.
Paper towels
Most of a case of 20# acid-free bond, brightness 84
A box of scrap paper (printed on one side)
A box of self-adhesive envelopes
A box of catalog envelopes (9x12)
Post cards from the Folger Shakespeare Library from quinnclub.
A postcard from Northern NV from kit_kindred
A postcard from Meramec Caverns from Tempest.
A covered Chatsford teacup that I'm using for storage because it's too small to make a reasonable quantity of tea in.
A lacquer box that my mother gave me, with a mastiff pin in it and a glass bead bracelet.
The abovementioned suckmonkey and finger puppet
An incense burner.
The new Penzey's Spice Catalog.
A bottle of clear nail polish
A stress ball (orange)
A pocket graph-lined notebook
Birthday cards from Asha & Stephen and from my inlaws
A black cat (sleeping)
A scented candle.
Two painted led miniatures suitable for role playing games (a Spanish swordsman and a Viking warrior wench)
A framed picture of a lightning-hurling Valkyrie that Jaime sent me because of All the Windwracked Stars references.
A kaleidoscope from Chinatown in San Francisco, given to me by a college friend.
A snowman mug full of editing pens, sharpies, and dry-erase pens, with rubber bands wrapped around it.
My Torcon badge.
A roll of packing tape.
A hairbrush, a hairclip, and a scrunchie.
A lot of empty tins of various kinds of mints and pastilles.
Some not-empty tins of same.
A little box with change in it.
The Guilt Orangutang, who is currently wearing a Jay Lake button and a "Shakespearean Logic" button.
A roll of Scotch tape.
Paper clips (in a Penguin Mints tin).
Writing The Breakout Novel,
The Oxford Desk Dictionary,
The Synonym Finder,
The Writer's Digest Character Naming Sourcebook (mostly useless as a research resource, but it does have lots of lists of names, as long as you don't want any culture that's too 'exotic'),
The Deluxe Transitive Vampire,
In Search Of Shakespeare,
A Dead Man in Deptford,
Homosexuality in Renaissance England,
Shakespeare's Holinshed,
The Family, Sex, and Marriage In England 1500-1800,
The Armor of Light,
Shakespeare's Sonnets,
Marlowe: The Plays,
Elizabeth's London,
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Cambridge Text),
Gunpowder, Treason, and Plot,
Shakespeare's Animals
The Slicing Edge of Death (very, very bad),
The Reckoning,
Faith & Treason,
Fool Moon,
Divine Intervention,
Impossible Things,
Faeries (anniversary edition).
$32.06, American
A teacup with pansies on it.
A blue stoneware teapot from Target that is currently full of Celestial Seasonings echinacea tea, because I'm still sneezing

Also a bent paper clip I was fiddling with.

Yes, it's a big desk. Did I mention the boy built it for me? I love the boy.

Guess what I do here most of the time?
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