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bear by san

March 2017



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if you can only be tall because somebody else is on their knees, then you have a serious problem.

My radio keeps saying President Obama.

I realize that this an overreaction, and yet I feel like I somehow accidentally woke up in the parallel universe where the trainwreck end-of-the-world narrative was just a trashy bestseller with an unbelievable plot.

So this is what it feels like when the good guys win.


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You know what did it to me? Ms. Aretha Franklin and her hat. I kept thinking, "This is what they put in the movies to signal that the new President is a good guy. They have Aretha in an awesome hat singing at his inauguration. I like this movie. This is a good movie."
I like this movie too. And I love the Queen of Soul and her awesome, awesome hat.
Yeah. That.
I know what you mean. A perfect game from this one guy and his team is so wildly unlikely ... but ... improbable doesn't mean impossible.

work like you were living in the early days of a better nation

I'm not even holding him to a perfect game. Just a better game. A game as good as the one he's been playing so far.

That would be just fine.
I think I'm still in this vague state of disbelief (the good kind) where it's not entirely real yet. I had that for a little while during the election.

Once it wears off, though. That'll be great.
Completely OT, but ... I like your teapot.
I have no idea where the image came from. Creative commons on flickr, maybe?

(Thanks. Tea is where it's at.)
I still get shivers every time I read "President Obama"
It's a wonderful feeling. I sincerely hope he doesn't let you down the way Blair did in the UK. (But he seems like too good a guy to do that.)

also OT

I often have trouble linking the title of your post to what your post is actually about. Can you enlighten me?

Re: also OT

It's almost always a quotation. Sometimes there's a link; sometimes it's strictly fortuitous.
Yes!! I keep telling my students and younger colleagues that cynicism will soon be out of style.
Cynicism is never out of style, it is merely sometimes unfashionable. :P
All of these things... everything everyone's said... yes!
And oh, the image of them at the ball :) So nice!
No publishing company in the world would pick up the story...
Nonsense - the Left Behind books got published, so anything is possible! (grin)
I am glad to live in a world of possibilities like this.
Congratulations from this Canadian on your nation's turning of a leaf! While I haven't been able to view any of the pomp and circumstance, I did manage to listen to the inauguration ceremony yesterday while driving my Calliope (iconcat) to the vet, and found myself near choking back sobs during/after the oath-taking.

I don't expect miracles, but I see so much positive change on the horizon that I can't abide some of the cynical mutterings around me. Positivity, people!
Hey, it doesn't happen often. We're all excused for not knowing what it feels like ;)
I realized this morning that, for the first time in a long while, people had been able to vote for someone, rather than against someone else. Can't speak for anyone but me, but I find that realization encouraging.
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