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god is an american.

Five things still make a post.*

1) Congratulations, Madame Secretary. I've been a fan since the Chocolate Chip Cookie incident.

2) Climbed. There was wall. The wall mostly won because I was fearful and weak tonight, but I got my fourth 5.8 and then more or less goofed around on other routes after, as apparently I am the antithesis of athletic currently. Still, it was my fourth 5.8, even if it was on the slab. So that's four 5.8s and two 5.9s. I'm moving up in the world. (Of course, for revenge, after the 5.8 I wiped out on the third move of a 5.7 repeatedly. Le sigh.)

Hello, Bear? You are climbing 5.8s. Live it.

3) New Criminal Minds tonight. Expect the usual fuss tomorrow.

4) ginmar says it so I don't have to.

5) Did I mention that I finished a novella today? (Okay, total filler. Such is life.)

*Damn, I still miss her.
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks, five things

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